Starbucks Raising Price Of A Brewed Coffee


That Starbucks habit has gotten got a little more expensive.

Starbucks said Thursday it has raised the price of a regular drip coffee by 10 cents to 20 cents in most U.S. stores, putting a small brewed coffee at $1.95 to $2.15 in most locations.

The company said prices haven’t changed on drinks such as lattes and iced coffees in most stores.

Overall, Starbucks Corp. says it has hiked prices by an average of 1 to 2 percent in the past year, which it said was in line with industry practices — though the increase may be higher for particular drinks. The company has also rolled out specialty drinks over the years that tend to cost more.

Sara Senatore, a senior analyst who covers the restaurant industry for AB Bernstein, noted that the average annual price increase for a tall brewed coffee at Starbucks has been 1.7 percent over time. She said that is similar to overall inflation rates, meaning the price hasn’t risen in real terms.

Starbucks said it is always evaluating prices and that the latest change “was not related to last week’s store closures and trainings.” The company had closed its U.S. stores for several hours last week to train employees on bias awareness after an outcry over the arrests of two men in Philadelphia earlier this year.



  1. They have to fund their homeless shelters in some way. More toilet paper, paper towels, plungers, air spray, etc… are needed.

  2. All wrong…. they have to make up the money they lost by closing the other day for racial, diversity training day… 8,000 stores closed that’s a lot of money…

  3. I don’t care about all you starbucks addicts that are gonna over pay get a life and stop drinking starbucks there are other coffee you can brew yourself or don’t drink coffee period,