WATCH THIS: Valet Parking At Boro Park Wedding Hall Searching Car For Things To Steal


This video was captured from a dash-cam on Sunday night at a prominent Boro Park wedding hall.

Watch how the valet parking attendants rummages through the car to see what he can steal.

Please make sure to never keep any valuables in your vehicle when giving your car into a valet parking.


  1. sorry but this video dosent show him taking anything. he opened the glove compatment between the seats?
    maybe he put the keys in there? why do we judge him so fast .no one here said they are missing stuff so why accuse?
    its like always when most women misplace her jewelry its always the Goyte till they find it..

  2. rebyoseel you are very naive. He’s looking for too many places to “put the keys.” I’ve seen them looking through the car after they find a spot. Not to say all valets are crooks but a good chunk are. Message here is make sure your valuables are removed with you.

  3. This just happened to me last night: I had a wedding in Edan Palace and I had a very large amount of cash in my car, I gave my car to the valet and this morning I noticed that a large portion of the cash was missing. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO ON WHO TO CALL OR WHAT TO DO PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME AT 732 551 6952 ANY INFO WOULD BE A HUGE HELP!

  4. Moek43,

    As any PO will tell you, the vast majority of theft from cars is opportunistic. Where the owner leaves the door unlocked or items on the seat that are easily snatched and grabbed quickly. In all Boros, teams walk down a block, checking doorhandles. In your case, you left “a large amount of cash” and invited a potential thief in. Granted, I doubt yours was in plain sight, but the best advice comes from the NYPD itself. Lock your doors and stop leaving valuables in your vehicles.

    It goes without saying that an average valet should not be equated with a petty low life sneaking around at 2am, but when you valet you are taking that chance. I don’t valet unless I absolutely have too. When I do, I do my best to lock up my radar and other items, or toss them in a bag and leave them at cost check.

    In any event. Report it to the Police. If there is no official police report filed… it didn’t happen as far as the precint’s crime stats.

  5. YWN has a moral obligation to tell us which wedding hall hired these thugs. If we are not told, then this behavior will not step. Be mezakeh the rabim and divulge the wedding hall.

  6. To Moek 43…..If you are going to troll the CR readership, please use some originality. Even the most simple minded yid would be mamash meshugah to “leave very large amounts of cash” in his car and then hand the keys to some stranger to park and then act shocked that the money was gone. Just assume the valet was also a shaliach from the Voshnishte Rebbe collecting funds for some really worthy mosdos and he assumed that when you handed him the key to the car, your cash was considered hefker. Sleep well tonight knowing you have made the Rebbe’s shalicah (aka valet) very appreciative.

  7. I was at a bar mitzvah last week at the Renaissance on 14th Ave., and when I was leaving, the valet had pulled up in my car with a nice smile on his face. Later, I discovered that my previously full coin tray had been emptied of tens of dollars worth of quarters, dimes, and nickels. The thief left me only the pennies and a few dimes. And to top it off, he was given a nice tip too. It was quite distressing. So.. valet users.. Beware!

  8. I never trust these valets and try all I can to avoid them. Stealing is part of the tip? Lol.
    Always check your car and take out any thing of value before handing it over to valet. Also don’t store those things in the car so that your mind will be clear if needing to valet it.

  9. @moek43 I have a dashcam earlier this year I valet parkes at eden palace and I had a sandwich in my car (it was for my next day lunch). I waited almost an hour to get my car back and my sandwich was missing! Later- after reviewing the video- I saw a guy get into the car, pulled out of the spot, pulled over, and you hear him munching on my sandwich! Only then did he leave to me my car! Chutzpah!!

  10. I once took an empty bottle of Blue Label and filled it up with urine. I then left it on my front seat and the valet guy stole it. I really hope he enjoyed the Scotch

  11. Epis: Did the sandwich come from a restaurant with a good Chassideshe Hashgacha? If not, maybe the theft was a siman m’shamayim telling you where your next pastrami sandwich should originate.

  12. Another reason not to use valet (or pay for the service if you are making a wedding)
    Relatives of mine had a valet park their car at a wedding in BoroPark- the valet assured them that they have a special lot for parking. Some time later they get a letter in the mail about an unpaid parking ticket for parking in a bus stop, with additional threats of added fines if not paid within a few days. From the date/time/location of the ticket, they figured out it must have been the valet parking at the wedding. The valet, who got a nice tip from them, never bothered to mention that he got a ticket when he brought back the car. B”H, the hall took responsibility and paid for the ticket.

  13. Epis: You had a sandwich in your car for your “next day lunch”!
    Don’t tell me. It was cream cheese and smoked salmonella. That dodgy “valet” saved your life!

  14. anon jew…..and presumably, you called and cancelled your EZPass immediately….they will “forgive” any charges on your account if you provide timely notice. Otherwise, the charges go on your credit card after 30 days or somthing like that. The newer version of their Transponders are much easier to hide behind your rear view mirror or under the visors.

  15. At the Kolel store parking lot years ago, one of the drivers stole my cell phone case. I learned my lesson & never leave anything of value – including my house keys – in my vehicle. But sometimes, you GET something after valet parking…. a parking ticket after they left your car on a hydrant. With penalties because the valets toss the ticket before giving you your car back. Take a taxi.