RAW FOOTAGE: Frum Man Tries Breaking Up Violent Brooklyn Street Fight Involving Uber Driver


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Disturbing video footage just provided to YWN shows a violent street fight between two drivers on a Brooklyn Street, while a visibly Frum man attempts to break them up.

The video begins with two men violently swinging at each other – one of whom appears to be an Uber diver – on Norman Avenue in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. The Frum man then places himself in harms way, by positioning himself between the brawling men.

One man – who appears to be the driver of a white Hyundai – is seen briefly entering the black Toyota via the passenger front door, before running back to the Hyundai and attempting to flee the scene. The other man grabs hold of the door, and possibly the steering wheel, while the Frum man again attempts to hold him back.

As the Hyundai speeds off, the other man was left hanging onto the vehicle. The man is crushed between the Hyundai and another van on the street. Miraculously, he stood up and appears to have not suffered any life-threatening injuries.

No further information was available at this time.

***NOTE: Last 15 seconds of video may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised***

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. Dangerous criminal loose in the street, you could see that the criminal stole the victims car keys and took off almost killing the guy.

  2. Dear aregee,
    Great point, quick spell/grammar check:
    ‘It could HAVE COST him’ not ‘It could OF COSTED him…’
    Happy posting

  3. Very intolerant and ignorant of Reb AJM as the term “costed” is regularly used in ebonics as well in chassidish communities with no secular studies. On another note, it’s highly likely that this well-meaning yid was oiver the issur d’oraisa of “v’nishmartem m’od l’nafshisaychem” by trying to referee this street fight between these 2 animals.

  4. The chilul Hashem is that the secular media referred to this Good Jew as a “Good Samaritan” ch”v! The Samaritans caused no end of tzaros to the Yidden.

  5. why would he possibly have gotten involved–first of all, the guy was defending himself very well–he could have gotten the victim hurt, and also gotten killed–

  6. Unless your Moshe Rabeinu and know the shem hameforesh I’d recommend putting your foot on the gas and getting away ASAP. And on the way call the police.