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Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva Direct All 9th Grade Girls Schools To REMAIN CLOSED Until Every Girl Is Placed

No ninth grades will be opening in Lakewood on Monday on the direction of the Roshei Yeshiva of BMG – until every child is accepted into school.

According to TLS which first reported the story, a total of nine girls are still not accepted into high school. The Mashgiach, HaRav Matisyahu Salomon along with the Roshei Yeshiva have instructed the schools to keep their ninth grades closed, until every child is placed. All other grades will be open

Askonim have been working tirelessly the past few months / week to have every child accepted into school. The number was originally close to 70, and has since been reduced to 9. It should be noted that some of the girls have been accepted into some school, but they (or their parents) do not want them in those schools.

[LATEST UPDATE – Lakewood Schools to Open Tuesday Morning As All Girls Have Been Successfully Placed]

Sources tell YWN that there are some other major Yeshiva issues brewing in Lakewood. One elementary school named “Ohel Esther” that has approximately 90 girls will not be reopening due to a lack of funds. Those children have still not been placed into other schools as of Friday afternoon. Askonim are working tirelessly to ensure that they are all accepted into other Mosdos by next week.

YWN reminds our readers that in 2016, R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, the Philanthropist from Los Angeles delivered a powerful speech at a well-attended dinner that rocked the Lakewood community – and the Chareidi world at large. A video of the speech was viewed hundreds of thousands of times. The controversy exploded, with Rechnitz issuing a statement and clarification letter. The issue that everyone was afraid to speak about in Lakewood was finally brought to the forefront, and was rapidly spreading to other Frum communities around the world that suffer from the same issue.

One person who spent 25 years in Chinuch told YWN that thanks to Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, the Yeshivas have started working harder to accept children into their schools.

(Charles gross – YWN)

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  1. Is anything being done for the girls in New York? At least by the holocaust it was not yidden tormenting children. Is the Agudah doing anything in response to Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s Letter to the members of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah about this problem?

  2. just to note the article said that some of these girls have been accepted to schools and the schools are not fit for those girls, this is a common problem that an average girl from a normal family cannot get into a normal school and when they get accepted to a school that is equivalent to bca in Brooklyn they are deemed “accepted” and officially loose their chance (right) to get into a regular high school i can confirm this is true because i know a girl i Lakewood who is still not accepted to a normal school that would be suitable for her may we see that the girls high schools in Lakewood will open on Monday with all girls in schools that are suitable for them

  3. Mr lunch. After reading about this sad situation which has continued for years and only seems to be getting worse all you take from it is wondering where the picture is from? You must live in Lakewood.

  4. There are still boys in Lakewood, brooklyn and Monsey still looking for yehivos. What about them? A big part of the problem is the top yeshivos fill up their capacity of 25 – 30 children. The “good so-called weaker yeshivos” also limit the class size to 15 -16 students. This leaves many children who want to go to a good school out in the cold. I personally know what its like to send a good boy to a weaker yeshiva The child usually becomes like his friends.

  5. Its time that we start looking at the bigger picture. We have created a mess and its only going to get worse until we figure out a way to clean it up.

  6. It’s time to declare chapter 11 and one down all the schools most people I talk to here in lameowod cant afford the low school tuitions its one big disaster , most problem cant deal with the tremendous financial stress so the bigger school crisis is that 90% of poeple cant afford the tuition and nobody is addressing this problem.

  7. Actually, Flatbushguy, the original picture for this article had a cross above the blackboard. Once Yeshiva world changed the photo, I couldn’t care less. Lakewood is a very sad place, thankfully I don’t live there.

  8. israellakewood, it’s true that tuition is very expensive. But people are purchasing $2,000- 3,000 wigs, going on expensive vacations, making simchos that would be called ultra-luxirious a few years ago (spending $150-800 for one person’s makeup, $2000-5000 for a gown, expensive smorgashboards, etc) and spending money all over the place but tuition is last on the list . I don’t see the majority of people’s spending shrinking because of growing tution fees.

    If people would priotize maybe we wouldn’t have these issues.

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