MAILBAG: Outraged That Brooklyn D.A. Not Charging Boro Park Attacker With Hate Crime


Dear Kings County District Attorney Eric Gonzalez:

Should I say that we are outraged? The word doesn’t fully describe the feelings the whole community has.

How dare you? Mr. Lipa Schwartz, a 62 year old man was on his way to prayers this Sunday, October 14 when he was viciously beaten for no other reason than the fact that he was Jewish.

The victim testified that the assailant shouted and cursed in Arabic, a language Mr. Schwartz doesn’t understand. And you have the unmitigated audacity to take that lack of comprehension to justify dropping the hate charge? Whom are you kidding?

Why do you think Mr. Schwartz was attacked by an Arab, if not because he is Jewish?

Was it because of the settlements in the West Bank?

Mr. Gonzalez:

If Mr. Schwartz were stabbed or shot, you’d probably cast blame on the victim for being in the wrong place and provoking the assailant.

Your actions give courage to the next anti-Semitic assailant. Your reluctance to pursue the truth will come back to bite you in your posterior.

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We are not living in Paris or Sweden or Poland where anti-Semitism is rampant once again. We are living in the United States of America where bigotry and racism is not to be tolerated….unless, so it seems, we have a District Attorney whose priority is the protection of illegal immigrants pouring into NYC rather than protecting the citizen of this city.

Shame on you!

We are disappointed and disgusted in your callous and nonchalant manner of dismissing the charges of as a hate crime.

Insult our intelligence once, shame on you, insult it twice, shame on us.

The community, Mr. Gonzalez, is not that stupid.

Please take careful note, Mr. Gonzalez.

Your actions will be forcefully and diligently challenged. In addition, we shall remember your bias and disregard when we next cast our votes and throw you out of your position

A concerned Borough Park resident

D.S.B. – Boro Park, Brooklyn

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  1. It’s hilarious how the people shrieking that Jews need to leave France and England are not uttering a peep about NYC Jews also uprooting and relocating. What will it take? Daily unprovoked attacks, R’L?

  2. I commented on this on another thread. Maybe not a hate crime. But Muslim-on-Jew, yelling words like allah and the like – this is an act of TERROR. Now let’s prosecute for that.

  3. The DA won’t prosecute a charge they don’t think they will win. The guy was obviously mentally unstable, and the defense probably has a strong argument.

    Its better that they charged him with a lesser offense, he won’t get off, then a bigger offense he will get off.

  4. We should remember this incident when Eric Gonzalez is up for re-election. I don’t care that he visits the Sukkah of some knacker. When it came to anti-Semitism and terrorism, he looked the other way.

  5. The guys pathetic defense is ludicrous and lacks merit. If he, as he states, was getting back at someone for banging on his car, why was he physically manhandling the person? And, further, why the shouts of alla.? This doesn’t seem right.