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Palestinian Baby Clings to Life After Receiving Heart Transplant From a Jewish Child

According to Dr. Mishaly, Chief of Surgery at Sheba Medical Center’s Pediatric & Congenital Heart Surgery Unit, a 6-month-old Palestinian baby from Ramallah became the first recipient of a Jewish heart, one from a one-year-old child who died about three weeks ago of a chronic illness.

According to the Times of Israel report, Moussa is recovering from the surgery, which was compelled when his condition dramatically worsened. Doctors reported that without the transplant, he would have died. Moussa was born with medical issues, including tumors surrounding his heart, and now, following the complicated surgery, he continues fighting to live.

While the child is still fighting for his life, once again, Israeli doctors, who treat anyone and everyone, intervened to save the life of Moussa, who would have certainly died if not for the Israeli medical care and expertise of the physicians. This in spite of continued propaganda from the PA (Palestinian Authority) and Gaza, citing how Israel and its forces target Palestinian children.

Dr. Mishaly explains that there is no such thing among the Palestinians as a donor list for organ transplants, while it does exist in Israel. When the infant arrived at Sheba Medical Center, he was in critical condition. The parents of the Jewish child realized a life could be saved and they gave their permission for the transplant. Dr. Mishaly is quoted calling Sheba “an island, an oasis of peace, where healing is the priority and everyone, regardless of who that are is treated equally, with dignity and respect”.

It is also reported the Moussa’s grandmother stated she wishes to meet the parents of the Jewish child who died, to thank them in person for permitting the life-saving transplant.

Dr. Mishaly told the media “There were several miracles associated with this complicated surgery” as Moussa has a long road ahead of him. Mishaly called the events a “twist of fate”, how the baby arrived at Sheba and a Jewish child died of illness at the same time, making the small heart available.

Following the transplant, Dr. Mishaly lists Moussa’s condition as “touch and go due to numerous complications”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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