BUS RAGE: Williamsburg Cheder Bus Drives Recklessly on Wrong Side of Street [VIDEO]


The attached video speaks for itself. It was submitted to YWN early Friday afternoon.

The footage is from a dash-cam from a vehicle in Williamsburg driving on Harrison Avenue and Hewes Street.

Watch how this bus recklessly passes a vehicle on the wrong side of the street, and barrels through a yellow light.

It is unknown if the bus had children on it at the time of this incident.

The driver of the vehicle chasing the bus broke the traffic laws as well, as he crossed into the opposite direction and blew through a red light –  as he chased down the bus. The car eventually the bus off at the next intersection.


  1. FAKE NEWS he simply went around a slow moving car on a quiet street ( wasnt speeding yes did cross the yellow line the rage is by the car he passed nothing more

  2. Look at this hypocrisy, the driver of the car that took the video almost killed a guy when he sped up to the bust driver (to right the wrong) and went the wrong side of the lane!

  3. There was a chapter 1 here which is before the video started. This car driver was probably going a drop to slow. The bus beeped him, and the guy had the attitude you beeped me so I’ll davka go slow. The bus passes him and now he really got angry. Bottom line I didn’t see the bus do anything wrong It ws the car driver who is acting like an idiot.

  4. Agree. This is horrible and 50 kids could have hurt. The dashcam idiot floored it to not let the bus back in. Ran reds. Almost killed a dude on the street then harassed the driver and threatened children’s lives as he blocked in the bus.

    Dashcam car needs to be charged with a hate crime.