HORRIFIC TRAGEDY IN MIAMI: 16-Year-Old Boy Niftar After Falling Off Balcony


The Miami Beach Jewish community was shocked to hear of a horrific tragedy which occurred on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, when a teenage boy was tragically killed.

16-year-old “Sammy” Yizchak (Samuel Issac) Farkas Z”L, was R”L killed after falling off a 9th floor balcony in what police have confirmed was a tragic accident.

Miami Beach Police Department responded to the La Costa condominium complex at 5333 Collins Ave just before 8:00PM, after receiving reports of a person falling off a balcony at that location.

Miami Beach Police and Fire Rescue units arrived at the scene and found a person laying on the floor in traumatic arrest. He was Niftar on the scene.

A police source confirmed to YWN that Shmuel had arrived home and found his 9th floor apartment door locked with no one home. He proceeded upstairs to the 10th floor neighbor, and asked to come inside. He explained what had happened and went to the balcony to attempt to lower himself down to his balcony below – knowing that he would be able to get into his apartment. Tragically, he fell while trying to lower himself down, and R”L plunged to his death.

Sadly, his ENglish birthday is today, and his Hebrew birthday is this Shabbos.

Police Chaplain Rabbi Mark Rosenberg and Chesed Shel Emes worked for many hours with police and the medical examiner to ensure proper Kavod Hames.

Levaya details will be published when they become available to us.

Boruch Dayan Ha’emmes…

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🙏🏻 LOOK: #Miami #Heat forward Justise Winslow had the message “R.I.P. Sammy Farkas” written on his sneakers for Thursday night’s game against the #BostonCeltics, to honor #Jewish teen Samuel Farkas who died early this week in a tragic accident. Farkas came home to his eighth-floor apartment on Tuesday evening to find his parents weren’t home and he was locked out. Attempting to enter through the balcony, he went to his ninth-floor neighbors to climb down, but fell and died. . . “It’s more just send my condolences to the family, but then to also help spread the message of people not to do it, not to scale balconies,” Winslow said postgame. “It’s something that I read the story, I heard about it. It’s something that I think a lot of people do, especially with the amount of apartments in Miami. . Farkas attended Hebrew Academy in Miami Beach and was to celebrate his 16th birthday on the day he died. . “I wanted him to be with me tonight and the rest of the season,” Winslow said. “I wanted him to be a part of this season, this moment for me. I figured he was probably a Heat fan.” . Wearing Farkas’ name on his sneakers, Winslow had 13 points, seven rebounds and 11 assists in the Heat’s 115-99 win over the Celtics. . “It was good to play for something bigger than myself and bigger than my ball club,” Winslow said. “Just trying to do my job as a leader of this team, get the guys organized, get us playing to our identity, which is tough, physical, aggressive.” @iamjustise #justisewinslow #miamiheat @miamiheat @NBA #nba #RIP

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  1. BDE. I can understand a 16 year old teen acting recklessly, but why would the upstairs neighbor even consider allowing him to try such dangerous stunt. In most condos, there is a building manager who has a pass key for all the units in case of an emergyency. Such a tragedy for the fmaily.

  2. Wow… I’m in utter shock and speechless of such an awful tragedy. May the family and friends only find comfort from this point forward.

    Of course we don’t know the full details or play of events, but I’m surprised and disappointed that the neighbor allowed the boy to try to jump to his balcony below. I’m not sure if there was persuasion or insistence, but I’d think it the absolute right thing to do would be to call building security and/or 9-11 if a neighbor makes such a request or demand. Putting a stumbling block in front of the blind.

  3. BDE. Horrible news, may the family have much comfort in their pain. For all those who are talking about the neighbor, the Aibershter wanted his neshama back at the exact time he passed away. If it wasn’t this way, it would have been another way. They didn’t cause his death, just the unfortunate messenger

  4. Bde my heart and tefillos go out to the family.

    Just an idea….in this day and age I think giving the benifit of the doubt would be appropriate. Stop the would have a could haves. There is NOTHINGwritten in yeshiva world that cannot chas vishalom happen to us or someone we know.

    Is it possible the neighbor upstairs was also a kid??

    Let’s try to look at positive side and not be judgemental.

    Hatzlacha u bracha to all1