Hikind Launches “Antisemite Of The Year Award” Featuring Top 10 Of World’s Jew-Haters


“This is a participatory approach to having a social conversation to determine who among these ten celebrated racists deserves the moniker of ‘Antisemite of the Year’ for their contributions to the spreading of Nazi-level propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels (Nazi propaganda minister) proud,” said Dov Hikind, former New York state assemblyman, and chairman of the Coalition for a Positive America

The ‘Antisemite of the Year Award’ campaign presents ten of the most notorious antisemites who are presented with one of their many offending statements that prove a consistent antisemitism. Online users can vote for any of the ten nominees presented or submit a ‘write-in’ choice. The winner, with most votes, will win the Joseph P. Goebbels Excellence in Propaganda Grant, a value of $5,000, which will go to helping the winner publicize their antisemitic comments through an online campaign. They’ll also get a signed bobble-Goebbels-head that spews out antisemitic vitriol every time you make him open his mouth.

“This campaign serves as a warning to those who will later say they didn’t know or weren’t warned,” cautioned Hikind. “Whether they’re on the Left or the Right, all of these haters have been nominated because they are consistent in their expressions of hatred for the Jewish people, sometimes expressed in code of ‘anti-Zionism’ which everyone knows is just the in-vogue way of being a Jew-hater. They also hold the proud distinction of being the faces of this new-layer of the ‘oldest hatred’.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. clearly mr hikind you are definitely bored in retirement, this is silly and pointless and not getting anywhere in the result to quell anti antisemitism , eisav sonei lyaakov is a fact nothing will change that even if you write in fancy shmancy english to show that your educated and not from the shtetel (participatory,moniker) etc this gets you nowhere you can only speak out when incidents happen not stand on top of you head spitting wooden nickles complainng about anti semitism genuk shoin!

  2. The “moderate” and “tolerate” goyim themselves admit they hate Bnei Yisro’El. It’s just a matter of time until America will become like France with its antisemitism problem. Just see what happened in Pittsburgh , השם ירחם. I’ve realized in the past two years just how bad antisemitism has gotten, and concluded that the galus is not a place for a Frum Yid with real morals and values.

  3. Sadly, BOTH parties seem to be hung up on their usual partisan bickering and I have not heard much in the way of a real strategy from either to address the issue. Just a few hours ago, Pompeo finally got around to filling the position of Special Ambassador to fight anti-semitism to focus the Administration’s efforts in fightin anti-semitism throughout the world. The Dems seem unwilling to forcefully denounce some of their own members who invoke the usual code words for anti-semitism. We need more than “top 10” gimmicks from both sides of the aisle.