THROWBACK FOOTAGE: Donald Trump Makes Comments About Jewish Money


After President Donald Trump called for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to resign due to her comments hinting to the anti-Semitic stereotype that ‘Rich Jews’ control politicians, questionable comments Trump himself made resurfaced.

In 2015, then-candidate Trump told a Jewish group “I’m a negotiator like you folks”.

“You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money,” Trump told the Republican Jewish Coalition.“You want to control your own politicians.”

He also told the group that he is “a negotiator like you folks; we’re negotiators.”

“And by the way, did you ever see a negotiation take so long?” He added, in reference to former President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

In 2016, he also tweeted – and deleted – a photo of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, a pile of money and a Star of David.

Image result for trump hillary star of david

Omar responded to Trump on Wednesday, saying he has “trafficked in hate” his whole life.


  1. I’m trying to understand the relevance of this news item. So Trump said that. Why not? There’s some truth to it. Is it just to renew the anti Omar feelings? We get it. She’s an anti-Semitic witch.

  2. Seems like an early Purim, or are the authors hoping the population is that dumb. Trump was not picking on the Jews with his remarks, as clearly he was stating nothing more than “everyone does it”, and it is blatantly obvious from the many occasions where he blames “everyone” for doing it. And it is called “lobbying” which all the honest organizations openly admit they do it.

    The picture he tweeted he just copied from the internet without bothering to pay any attention to what it “looks” like. And anyone who wants to be taken seriously has to admit that is the way Trump just copies things helter-skelter.

  3. Although I am pro Trump I have to agree with rabbiofberlin this time. Trump obviously used some anti semitic tropes and that’s very obvious. Even though I’m pro Trump because of some of his policies I know that he is is far, far from perfect to say the least. That’s why I get so nervous listening to some of the conservative talk show hosts twisting themselves into pretzels to defend Trump. He does many, many things wrong and even his supporters have to admit it! The comments here are like those talk show hosts. They’re trying so hard to defend something that’s obviously wrong.

  4. rabbiofberlin, jackk, lakewoodbubby:

    “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money. You want to control your own politicians.” – this could have been said to any group. This has nothing to do with Jews; It has to do with the group he was speaking to, the Jewish Republicans.

  5. He doesn’t need anyone’s money because he has enough of his own, and anyway who cares what he says, look at him like a mentally retarded person (which he is), if a mentally retarded person would say something to you, it wouldn’t in the slightest way bother you (at least, I hope not) so in the same way it shouldn’t bother you what trump says.