NJ Lawmakers Advance Bill to Pressure Trump to Release Taxes


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President Donald Trump could miss out on being on the 2020 ballot in New Jersey if he doesn’t disclose his tax returns under a bill now advancing.

The Democratic-led state Senate passed legislation Thursday inspired by the Republican president’s failure to disclose his tax returns.

The measure requires presidential and vice presidential candidates to release five years of federal tax returns to appear on the state’s ballot.

Trump broke with decades of tradition by refusing to release his income tax filings during his 2016 campaign. He said it was because he is being audited.

Democrats have used the issue to raise questions about what might be in the documents.

The bill goes to the Democratic-led Assembly. If the measure is passes there, it would head to Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy.

Republican Gov. Chris Christie previously vetoed the legislation.



  1. While many people get all giddy by reading other people’s tax returns, many more people want to believe their tax returns are private and feel that if a rich president can not keep his return private, what chance due middle class nobodies have?

    If a state refuses to allow the Republicans to run a slate of electors for president, it will seriously undermine the political system nationally. Refusing to all “opposition” (from the perspefctive of New Jersey’s ruling party) parties to run is something one expects in places like Russia or North Korea or Venezuela, and the Democrats already moving towards socialism would be unwise to emphasize that socialism means banning the opposition.

  2. This is the president we’re talking about, someone who one needs to know that isn’t entangled in foreign affairs to the detriment of the constituents.

    This is not an affront on capitalism and privacy. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t go into the kitchen.

    And this has nothing to with Marxism. I’m not sure where kollelman gets his history lessons from.