NEXT LOCATION: Measles Confirmed in Westchester County, 8 Unvaccinated Orthodox Jewish Children


Measles has been confirmed in eight Westchester County children, six are siblings, and all are from Northern Westchester. None of the children attend public schools or childcare programs. The children range in age from six months to 14 years old. All live in the Mount Kisco and Bedford communities in northern Westchester. Two of the children had to be hospitalized.

YWN has confirmed that they are members of the Kasho and Nitra communities.

The Westchester County Department of Health is working with the families and healthcare providers to identify locations where the children may have exposed others. The children, who were not vaccinated, appear to have been exposed to Measles in Rockland County and Brooklyn where there have been ongoing outbreaks.

Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler urged parents of unvaccinated children to make it a priority for their children to receive the MMR vaccine, which covers measles, mumps and rubella. Amler said: “With the increasing number of measles cases in our surrounding area, I strongly urge all parents who have not vaccinated their children against measles to reconsider. Measles is highly contagious, and nine out of 10 people who are not immune and are exposed to measles will become infected. People can spread measles before they even know they are sick. People without immunity can catch measles just by being in a room for up to two hours after a person with measles has left. Measles can be a serious infection which can result in pneumonia, swelling of the brain, hearing loss and death.”

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. So the Ribbono shel Olam gives us a preventative for potentially very serious diseases, and some people won’t protect themselves or others. Where’s the chochma or tzidkus in that?

  2. ujm lets explain there are 3 pockets of chassidim in westchester
    1. nitra in mount kisco ( approx 75 families & a yeshiva)
    2.kasho in bedford hills ( approx 50-60 families )
    3. kiryas pupa in ossining with 40 families , a big bucherim yeshiva & a cemetery)

  3. rt: there is no chochma or tzidkus here…
    the anti-vaxers go around peddling debunked studies about the vaccine not being safe.
    This is VERY ABSURD, because we are supposed to be a people who cleave to EMES and here we have very frum people peddling SHEKER..

    You have Rav Sternbuch from yerushalayim, Rav Asher Weiss from Yerushalayim both tell us that you have to get vaccinated.
    BUT some yenta in Williamsburg claims the SHE knows better…

    This is how low we have fallen..

  4. This is very bad. Even worse is that I am now seeing anti-Semitic memes on social media that attack the entire Jewish people for spreading diseases. This could turn into a blood libel except that the original blood libel did not have even a grain of truth to it while here there are actual Jews who claim to be religious who have some rabbinic support who are causing the chilul Hashem. 🙁