London Bain Hazmanim Kumzits Attended By Hundreds [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


The much anticipated Pre-Pesach Kumzits for Men, Bochirm and boys took place once again last Wednesday evening. This year was the seventh annual event. The organiser Duddy Iczkovits of Duddy’s Events was only persuaded to make the evening a short time before, just as the bochurim were returning home from Yeshivah. However, the response from the kehillah, both in North-west London and far beyond was overwhelming.

A special advertising campaign brought an instant response – the event was a sell-out. On the night, it was standing room only at the Kinloss Suite in Kinloss Gardens. In the brief time before the event, Duddy managed to assemble an impressive line-up of international singers. He remarked afterwards that the evening had special siyata dishmaya to enable everything to fall into place. Avraham Fried was able to fit the kumzits into his busy schedule. The ever-popular Asaf Flumi band could be present, together with London’s up and coming popular singer Levi Cohen and the Golders Green newly formed choir Nashir Beyached, led by Efi Klein.

The atmosphere generated at the kumzits was awe-inspiring. The evening was compered by Reb Yanki Rothchild who set the tone for the evening. The melodies and lyrics were a powerful inspiration for the whole audience. Everyone was encouraged to join in, so that the whole hall was drawn together in unison by the music.

This year, the event was dedicated to raising awareness and funds for a very special cause. Lev Echod was founded by Mrs Malky Sprung forteen years ago in order to support and help teenagers over 18 who are faced with a life-threatening illness r”l, together with their families. Sruli Margolies introduced the invaluable work of Lev Echod. He appealed for more bachurim to come forward and offer some of their time during bein hazemanim for social work in order to support the wonderful achievements of Lev Echod.

The kumzits continued late into the night and everyone was reluctant to bring the singing to an end. Afterwards, many fathers thanked Duddy profusely for providing a wonderful evening of inspiration for the bachurim who had just returned from a long winter z’man. Duddy commented afterwards on the spirit of achdus that pervaded his whole team, led by Production Manager Dudi Finiasz with Arieh Englard. The hall management team, the sound and lighting engineers and Moshe Greenfeld and his team from Reich caterers all worked together with a determination that the occasion should be successful. The kumzits was once again an unforgettable event for all the hundreds of bochurim fathers and sons.