TRAGIC: Bicyclist Struck & Killed By Truck in Boro Park [PHOTOS]


A bike rider was struck and killed by a truck in Boro Park, Wednesday afternoon.

It happened at 17th Avenue and 47th Street,at around 5:30PM.

Hatzolah Paramedics rushed the victim to Maimonides Medical Center in traumatic arrest. Unfortunately, the 26-year-old male was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The driver remained on the scene, and the NYPD was on the scene investigating the incident.

Misaskim services were not needed in this tragic incident.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. One of the remnants of the reign of Bloomberg as mayor was the fuss about bike riding. Bloomie actually created a climate where bike riders had full reign of the streets, with their own lanes that would result in tickets even if no bikes were around, bike lanes in neighborhoods where they were unwanted, and a climate in court that always favored the bikes. Any collision involving a bike and an automobile was always adjudicated in favor of the bike rider, regardless of the facts. This is based on experience of quite a few people that appeared in courts on such matters.

    Actually, the attitude leaves behind the average bike rider feeling that he/she has complete right of way in streets made for cars and trucks. So the rider is less careful, and needs to rely that the drivers see them and will avoid them. Well, that’s not always possible. Some people get badly hurt or killed, as in this case. Having driven around Brooklyn for years, it’s getting harder to manage this while the bike riders are reckless. I might be glad that they are not bringing larger vehicles into the neighborhoods to create worse traffic, and there is a positive side to this. But the risk of danger has spiked really high. Will anyone in City Council care or will they just hope there are more tickets than fatalities to make some money of this?

  2. 10 to 1 ods he wasnt wearing a helmet.
    THEY SAVE LIVES. Any serious cyclist doesnt get on a bike without one.
    Im waiting for come one to get injured riding a citibike and turn around and sue every company and agency in the citibike program