Police Nab Thief Who Stole Disabled Person’s Phone In Downtown Jerusalem


A quick response by the policemen to the report of a disabled person on the theft of his mobile device resulted in the suspect being quickly apprehended and the device returned to the complainant.

On Monday, policemen were called to Yaffa Street in Jerusalem by a disabled person, who reported that a man who he did not know stole his mobile device that was lying in his wheelchair and fled.

Police took the victim’s statement and simultaneously, additional police responded to the area and a search for the thief began. A short time later, the criminal was apprehended on the rooftop of an area building.

Police report the thief hid the stolen phone in a trash can in the center of the city, in a basement, planning to come and get it at a later date. Police were successful in locating the phone and they returned it to the disabled victim.

“This feeling of satisfaction and seeing the smile on the face of the complainant, in this case, a person who is 100% disabled and in a wheelchair. That is exactly why I joined the police; to provide good and efficient service to the public and to bring the criminals behind bars,” one of the policemen noted.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)