KASHRUS ALERT – Pretzel Stand At Palisades Mall With Expired Hashgacha Selling Treif


It is a booth that is located in the Palisades Mall called the Pretzel Factory. It has a hashgacha that expired back in February of 2019, and now, this food booth is selling Treif Hot Dogs.

People see the hashgacha and do not realize that it is expired and that it does not apply to the treif hot dogs. While the Kashrus certification does have a disclaimer stating that only the items listed are kosher – there are dozens of frum people that are purchasing the hot dogs.

This is a michshol in front of the Rabbim. Immediate action should be taken by the supervising agency.

The Kashrus letter states: The following are certified Kosher: the lemonade, the cola, the smoothies, mustard and marinara sauce. The following items are Kosher Dairy:  all pretzels, the coffee, and the following dips:  Vanilla icing, Chocolate icing and the caramel dip. The Cheese Dip is NOT certified Kosher. Any item not listed here is NOT certified kosher.  This certification for the above items at the Pretzel Factory, Palisades Mall, Nyack, NY shall be valid until February 3, 2019, at which time it is subject to renewal.

It is signed by Rabbi Yaakov Spivack.

YWN made multiple attempts to reach Rabbi Spivack.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Franks and cheese dips together!!! Rabbi Spivack, where are you! It seems like a serious issue. They don’t have to keep kosher but clearly your sign is a problem!

  2. what a shame because people really need to learn about hashgochas, those that are recommended and those that are not. V’hamayvin yovin about this one.

    It recently came to my attention that a store in the Palisades Mall was showing a kosher certificate from a facility in CA, making the claim that the products they sell, ice-cream I believe, was kosher. There is no reality whatsoever that the certificate from the plant in California has anything to do with the location here. Anyone who buys anything from this kiosk or store, דמו בראשו.

  3. People need to be smart enough to understand that meat at a kiosk that also serves dairy cannot be kosher certified. People need to use their own heads. It’s enough that Rabbonim outline their hashgachos on papers posted at food places, it’s up to everyone else to use their heads and not to eat or buy anything without confirming that the said food products conform with their kashrus standards.

  4. If people are ignoring the explicit sign that the hechsher is only on certain items, how is that the hechsher’s fault? Those people are not relying on the hechsher, they’re knowingly eating without a hechsher.

  5. Nothing to see here. The letter clearly indicates 1. The date. 2. Certified items. 3. Uncertified items. For those that patronized the business (or any food establishment) without due diligence, I’m not sure what I’d recommend. If I am dining out in an out-of-town restaurant which I’m unfamiliar with (regardless if it’s Brooklyn, Cleveland, Monsey, or Houston) I ALWAYS ask to check the hashgacha. One shouldn’t use the excuse that the entire restaurant is filled with black hats and sheitels.

  6. How can anyone trust a place for kashrus that sells both meat and dairy together? People who eat kosher should be more careful to really check out the kashrus of any establishment, especially those selling meat. They should be concerned about whose shechita the meat is, not just buy it because it has a kosher certificate.

  7. There are always going to be risks if you provide hashgacha for UNSEALED products that are sold along-side treifus. The large percentage of yidden who are shomer kashrus will recognize the concerns and avoid such situations or carefully evaluate each open or unsealed ingredient or item they are purchasing and likelihood of it being “mixed” or “contaminated”. As others have noted, however, some are lazy and while they will inquire about whether the dairy products and cheese dips use cholov yisroel, they somehow are able to ignore he hot dog made with chazerfleish sitting openly on the other side of the counter.

  8. what kind of hechsher gives approval to a place that served non kosher items even before it was expired??? That is like giving a hechsher to Mcdonalds but just on the buns and drinks

  9. “What kind of hashgacha gives approval to a place that served non-kosher items even before the [teudah] expired??
    ” But [not to worry], its certified by Reb Alles. Alles est du, alles koift du….”

    Actually this hashgacha is by Reb Spivak, not Reb Alles…….Its been around a long time and has strong supporters as well as those who are less confident in its qualifications. You may recall that this is the same hashgacha that took over the Rockland Bakery hashgacha in Nanuet years ago when the Kof-K dropped its hashgacha..

  10. Yaakov Spivak?, I don’t remember ever that his hashgocha was worth the paper it was written on.
    Kosher consumer Union, Inc.
    Yehuda Shain, Administrator

  11. What happened in Passaic Chinese restaurant?
    What happened with Finkel in Monsey?
    What happened with Doheny’s in LA.?
    What happened in Liverpool, Manchester, England?
    What happened in Antwerp, Belgium?
    What happened in Flatbush?
    What happened with King David in Monsey?
    All served TREIF.
    Are Lakewood Hashgochas really reliable?

  12. I know of hashgacha scandals that have occurred with all the top hashgacha agencies but I don’t know of any with Rabbi Spivak or the Cup-K.

  13. lomdei daf yomi spent two days learning about the evils of lashon hara, rechilua, avak lashon hara, this thread is not a good idea.

  14. “I don’t know of any [kashrus scandals] with Rabbi Spivak or the Cup-K”
    That’s because they actually have to enter the resturant to see if it’s serving treif. If they never enter, merely take the check, and the check is kosher, then it’s ok.

    Yudel, if that’s really you, we know you have an agenda against the KCL. It’s not a secret. You are correct re spivak who is a chotei umachtei. But you go to far, and that stops you from being taken seriously (even though you were the ONLY ONE who correctly called monsey treif before it happened.)