ICE Agents Seen In The Five Towns On West Broadway


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ICE Agents were in the Five Towns, Wednesday morning. They were seen in front of 733 West Broadway (between Cedarhurst and Woodmere) at around 8:00AM. It is unknown if anyone was arrested.

The raids are part of President Trump’s announced plan to serve papers on an estimated 2,000 families living in the country illegally.

The federal government promised ICE raids this past weekend, and since Saturday morning, raids have been taking place.

For U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, picking up people is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and not-always-successful task.

An arrest of just one immigrant often requires days of surveillance.

At the same time, ICE has a limited budget and a shortage of detention space. Also, more and more law enforcement agencies, especially those in big cities, are refusing to help ICE as part of the growing “sanctuary” movement, slowing down the arrests of immigrants even more.

ICE tactics are in the spotlight amid warnings from the Trump administration that it would begin a sweep Sunday in 10 cities against families who are in the country illegally and have been ordered to leave. Trump claimed on Monday that the operation had a successful start, even though there was no sign of a large-scale operation in those cities.

An estimated 11 million people are in the U.S. illegally, including 525,000 who have deportation orders against them and are considered fugitives. Those fugitives include 2,000 people who recently came as families and are targets of the operation that was expected to begin Sunday.

ICE operations that zero in on people with criminal convictions in the U.S. result in about 30% of targets being arrested, plus an unknown number of non-targets, or “collaterals,” who are also swept up, ICE officials said. ICE operations against families have proved even less successful, capturing only about 10 percent of the targets, ICE acting Director Matthew Albence said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / AP)


  1. If they were looking for aliens there, the target most likely work in neighborhood restaurants or stores or are cleaning women. Undocumented aliens are an essential part of the labor force. Does anyone expect women in the 5 Towns to clean their own homes, watch their own children or bag their own groceries?

  2. yaakov doe, ICE indicated that they will only be picking up specific individuals who did not make their court dates or were previously ordered out of the country. Yes, they will try for some collateral damage.

  3. “Does anyone expect women in the 5 Towns to… watch their own children ??”

    If you can’t watch your kids, don’t have them.

  4. While I know Gadol has totally difference opinions on immigration than I, I’m 100% with him on his comment.

    Jewish mothers’ dependence on illegals is not a legitimate argument for anything. They could hire people who are legally cleared to work here and pay them fairly instead of slave wages. Alternatively, they could do their own work as is the custom in many Jewish communities outside of the 5 Towns. And, might I point out, that the true liberal approach would be for those maids to get paid a living wage and pay taxes. The opinion that they should stay here under the radar so that you can have illegal, cheap labor is an opinion held only by those with low moral character.

    Also, what gives with YWN tracking ICE’s movements? Are you trying to help Antifa now or something?