Update & Message From Family Of Lakewood Cyclist In Critical Condition


The family of חיים ישראל בן חיה נ״י would like to share an update with all of our family, friends and the entire ציבור. Your continuous outpouring of תפילות are helping B”H. His condition has begun to stabilize but remains critical. Please continue to be be מתפלל for חיים ישראל בן חיה, and in the זכות of your תפילות we will אי”ה be זוכה to see continued improvement and a complete רפואה שלמה!

Thank you,
The Gelman family.

As YWN reported on Wednesday night, the victim had been out for a bike ride in Howell, NJ, and was found laying on the side of the road at Lakewood Allenwood Road and Cascades Avenue at around 8:30PM.

Police are still investigating what occurred.

It remains unknown if this was a hit-and-run, or he swerved to avoid a vehicle, or perhaps he hit his brakes too hard and overturned.

If you have any information, please contact the Howell Police Department at 732-938-4575 extension 2626, or email mcherney@howellpolice.org.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)