INSANE: NYC Mayor DeBlasio Worked Just SEVEN HOURS At City Hall In Month Of May


According to the NY Post, NYC’s Mayor DeBlasio spent just seven hours working at City Hall in the month of May.

The Post report says the Mayor showed up at his office six times in the entire month of May.

He reportedly participated in two meetings, four events, and five phone calls – one of them his regular scheduled monthly radio-call-in on WNYC.

May was the month DeBlasio launched his failing presidential bid.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The biggest shock is that he has done a horrible job as mayor. How does he expect anyone, especially his constituents to believe he can do better in Washington? And now we see his own domain abandoned for a long shot at the Presidency?

  2. Much as I dislike our communist mayor, the headline is a blatant lie. The story says he spent seven hours working at City Hall. It neither says nor implies that he spent only seven hours working. It should be obvious that the majority of a mayor’s work is not done at City Hall.