PANIC IN THE SKY: Delta Flight Plunges Nearly 30,000 Feet [VIDEO]


On Wednesday afternoon, Delta Air Lines diverted an Atlanta flight headed to Florida after an unknown issue caused the cabin’s oxygen masks to be released. The pilot had to make a rapid, controlled descent of nearly 30,000 feet after getting an alarm.

The Fort Lauderdale-bound Boeing 767 made an emergency landing at Tampa International Airport about an hour after it left Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

A statement by Delta says the plane was diverted out of an abundance of caution over the “cabin pressure irregularity.” It says the plane is now being evaluated by maintenance technicians. Delta said the passengers were bused about four hours to their original destination.

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  1. @rofehardamah: Plunge according to Webster’s means “to cause to enter a state or course of action usually suddenly, unexpectedly, or violently”. It certainly happened suddenly and unexpectedly so I think YWN was correct in using the word plunges. Besides, let’s wait for the FAA to investigate and find out if, in fact, it was a controlled descent. What else do you think Delta would say?

  2. avi732 – IT WAS A CONTROLLED DESCENT, which took 8 minutes to complete going from 39,000 to 10,000 feet where the air pressure is normal. Otherwise the passengers in the cabin would of died from asphyxiation at that altitude (exactly what happened to an aircraft in 2005 Do you want to be alive with a quesy stomach or dead in the ground? . To mitigate the risk the masks dropped so that passengers could get oxygen in the interim. This is a scenario that is part of the simulator training all pilots have to go through on a recurring basis.