Live Online Performance Management Workshop Thursday October 3rd @ 11am EST For Nonprofits & Businesses

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Want to increase your organization and team performance and grow exponentially?

Attend a live online workshop on performance management on Thursday October 3rd at 11 am EST. The workshop is geared for a CEO, Business Owner, Executive Director, Product Director, Program Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director or a senior leader within any organization. By attending the workshop you will hear about techniques being utilized by the most innovative and successful business today. You will learn how to use these frameworks to improve and increase your performance and the performance of your business or nonprofit.


Objectives and key results is a framework that is widely used in Silicon Valley to improve and increase team performance within organizations. Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Salesforce and many many others use this framework every day as their tool to create a roadmap for what has to get done to achieve exponential growth. Here is a quote from Larry Page co-founder of Google about objectives and key results “Objectives and key results have helped lead us to 10x growth, many times over.”

Your entire organization will gain tremendously and you and your team will become engaged and determined to get things done in the most effective and efficient manner. Implementing this framework will make sure that your organization has:

A motivated team ensuring work gets done in the most effective and efficient way
Better and clearer communication between the teams in your organizationCommitment and buy-in from your team to get the work done no matter whatAn aligned and cohesive team all working together to get the objectives and goals done


This is the secret and key to a sustainable and 10x growth operation.

By attending the workshop you will get the tools and support you need to be successful with implementing the change within your organization. You will get:

A completed objectives and key results framework for your organization
One month access to bi-monthly office hours to your answer questionsComplimentary 1:1 session to ensure that you have a strategy and plan

What participants are saying about the workshop:

“We enjoyed the workshop and felt like it got us talking and thinking. We drove a total of seven hours to attend, and are glad we did. Your presentation was informative, not too wordy, and very clearly stated and explained. There was just enough audience participation to keep it interesting, and not too lengthy. We hope to put what we learned into practice and assure better performance by us and our staff, at our organization. Thank You” Chani Konikov

“The workshop was amazing, very practical and nothing to hard to accomplish. A lot of you said people know in the back of their mind. But you put it into a system that is not scary to approach. The workshop itself was a great atmosphere, you spoke slowly and clearly. No question was too dumb to be asked and you took the effort to know your crowd.” Eli Laufer

“I attended the online workshop and it was a true eye opener. I hope to implement the strategies I learnt so that I can take my organization to a whole new place. Baruch is a very good listener and although I and others were beginners in this way of thinking he very patiently walked us through the exercises. If you have a lot on your plate and want to reach your goals and see tangible growth in your organization this workshop is for you.” Benyamin Wolff


Questions: Email: [email protected]