LATEST UPDATES ON JERSEY CITY SHOOTING: New Footage Emerges; AG Calls It “Domestic Terrorism”


A press conference was held moments ago by NJ Attorney General Grewal. New information and updates were given regarding the horrific shooting on Tuesday which claimed the lives of 24-year-old Moshe Deutsch HY”D, 31-year-old Mindel Ferencz HY”D, and 49-year-old Douglas Miguel Rodríguez – in addition to Jersey City Police Detective Joseph Seals.

The attackers were 47-year-old David Anderson and 50-year-old Francine Graham who were both shot and killed by SWAT teams in a multi-hour gun-battle. The pair were members of the “Black Hebrew Israelites”, a black-supremacist group known to rail against white people, Jews, and law enforcement.

The Jersey City shooting is now being called “domestic terrorism with a hate crime bent” according to the United States Attorney for New Jersey, who is now in charge of the investigation along with the FBI.


  • A pipe bomb and a weapon with a silencer was recovered from the U-haul van, which was “outfitted with ballistic panels.”
  • If this shooting was part of a larger plot: “They had a tremendous amount of firepower, but for actions of Chief Kelly and his officers, they could have done more.”
  • Label of the Jersey City shooting is now a “domestic terrorism event with a hate crime bias.”
  • “We believe the two shooters were acting on their own.” Says evidence points to acts of hate and domestic terrorism.”
  • “We continue to gather evidence related to motive.” Says they’ve found numerous social media accounts. “We believe the suspects held views reflective of hatred of the Jewish people and law enforcement.”
  • Five guns recovered so far related to Anderson and Graham. Four in kosher market. One in U-haul van.
  • Two of the weapons were traced to Ohio, bought by Graham in 2018.

New footage has emerged of the horrific shooting attack in Jersey City on Tuesday afternoon.


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Gevald. That video. Forget a concealed handgun, I dont even think an armed guard outside would’ve stood a chance or turned them away. Hkbh wanted these neshanos back period. Hy’d.

  2. This morning in shul in Monsey, one of the mispallelim from the shul next door, who was holed up for hours, got an Ailya (Levi).
    It was striking to me when they read for him the tefillah of Yaakov Avinu – “vehoyo hamachane hanishor liflayto”.

    Our heartfelt thanks to all the responding officers who contained the scene and did not allow it to spill over next door, G-D forbid.

  3. Please don’t show the video the survivor shot. Its embarrassing how dirty everything looks. Yidden, please keep your properties clean in the front and back, be it in the outside of your home or shul. It’s mamesh a chillul Hashem.

    May Hashem watch over every Yid and may we only hear of simchos.

  4. It seems the New Jersey AG got his turban tied up in a knot when the mayor of Jersey City pointed out that these disgusting miscreants who should wrap in the depths of hell, targeted the store.

  5. @philosopher stores tend to get dirty when murderers tramp in and injure and kill people (which gets bloody), as well as when police are clomping all over the place trying to get evidence and maybe count the bullet holes.
    Stores tend to get dirty when the owner has been MURDERED AL KIDDUSH HASHEM.
    Get my point yet?

  6. These following words were not written lighthearted and I hope this won’t hurt anyone’s feelingsAfter the fact that  the picture is getting clearer from minute to minute that a Large Scale Progrom and Masacare was about to happen just with multiple open miracles from the one above they were saved from the evil murderer’s hands of these human predators and cannibals, However, the tragedy occurred and we lost a few dare friends, Moshe Hersh my dear friend since the moment I heard you are missing tears continued to flow and the sobs are wracking our bodies, robbing it of the ability to speak write or even think – barely allowing a breath to be drawn,But since I knew you Moshe Hersh and I knew that you were a selfless person and your most important thing in life was bringing smiles upon others so I’m sure you want me and all of us to stop sobbing and think of you as a sacrifice and a shield to all of these tens of pure kids,
    You are now in the world of truth and you see our broken hearts but I can see and hear you saying my dear brothers I was a human shield to stall and to mitigate the even more tragic event and I hear him saying: “Embrace your kids love every moment of them look into their eyes when you send them to school with a smile and tell him your studies and good deeds today should merit the soul of Moshe Hersh Ben Avrum Shulem Aharon Leah Mindel Bas Binyumin Tsvi”.

  7. That video of the Hasidic man who escaped is chilling. Another open miracle on that day.
    If you remember during the attack the police scanner was aired live here by AgendaFree TV. There was a reference toward the end of the attack to a man in black who came out of the back of the building for a few instants and quickly ran back in. I bet it was our Hasidic man and I shiver at the thought they would have mistaken him for the shooter…

    Can’t believe police didn’t enter the Shul to warn them to stay put though.