DeBlasio Pays “Shiva Call” To Family of Terror Victim Moshe Hersh Deutsch HY”D [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


NYC Mayor DeBlasio went to Williamsburg on Sunday morning, and visited the home of the Deutsch family, who is sitting Shiva for their son Moshe Hersh HY”D, one of the victims in the Jersey City terror attack.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It was very nice that the Mayor came to the shiva house. It showed a certain level of menschlichkeit and sensitivity. He seemed genuine in his condolences. He is clearly not an elitist.

  2. Why the scare quotes? Paying a condolence call is a universal custom in this country, Jewish or not. Non-Jews usually delay the funeral a couple of days and the family stays at the funeral home to receive condolence visits. We have the funeral first, according to the Torah’s definition of kavod hameis, then have visitors to express sympathy.

  3. Let’s remember it’s because of the lawless society that DiBlasio and his comrades promote that does nothing to discourage people from breaking the law, ultimately causing damage and death. Minorities committ crime because of poverty and discrimination according to these radicals. They are the victims of “white privilege”. These radicals are a cancer on our American way of life. We need to vote them out before , as it said, the inmates run the asylum. In NY it’s already the case. Let’s empty out Rikers and let all the criminals out. Think that makes sense? It does to DiBlasio.

  4. I can’t stomach this phony self aggrandizing piece of garbage being “menahem avel” this family of a korban who died only because he was a Yid. He is a proponent of everything that is against the Torah and what the niftar stood for. He is a proud member of the party that stands by as their fellow members clearly state their anti semitic values. Any word of sympathy from AOC or Rashanta Taleib about this massacre? Keep voting for this garbage my fellow Jews but remember you get what you vote for.

  5. The guy acted like a mentsch by making a shivah call and the family appears to have appreciated his reaching out. If the family was receptive to his visit, perhaps we also can forego the usual anti-De Blasio rants. Not the time or place.

  6. “The guy acted like a mentsch”….are you kidding?? He is the very antithesis of the word mentsch. You are delusional is you think he gives a second thought to the suffering that these families are facing. Progressive liberal democrat will never equal mentsch.

  7. Much as I oppose De Blasio politically it was very nice of him to pay a condolence call.

    He has no responsibility for something that happened in New Jersey.

    Yes, I voted against him and know the city would be better off had his opponents won. Even so, his condolence call is appreciated

  8. Absolutely right Gadol hadorah. He sounded very sincere. Im never a De Blasio fan but he did the right thing in a very humane way so lets all at least try to be humane too.

  9. The man is a lame duck term limited has been hoping to stay relevant, the city is slipping back to the good old days of his mentor David Dinkins

  10. My simple point was that the FAMILY was accepting of his sincerity at this point in time in making the shiva call and did not view it as a crass media photo op. If a grieving family can suspend their skepticism, we should be capable of at least as much in this instance. No one was asking anyone to nominate DB for the Yiddeshe man of the year. He is clearly a left wing activitst with a strong animus towards EY, but that was not the point here.