Police Investigate Shooting Of Jewish-Owned Vehicle In NJ Possible Connected To Jersey City Terror


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Highly credible sources tell YWN that investigators are now looking at a shooting incident of a Jewish-owned vehicle two weeks ago in connection with the terror attack in Jersey City.

The incident in question occurred on Route 1 and 9 exactly one week before the attack, when a Hasidic man – who happens to be a Misaskim Volunteer – noticed a U-haul van driving close to him in the area of Newark Airport.

Suddenly, the Jewish driver heard a smash and saw his passenger side window shattered. He figured something was thrown at his vehicle or a stone had jumped up from the highway. The U-haul exited the highway at the next exit, and the driver never reported the incident.

After the Jersey City terror attack, the man became concerned, and reached out to Rabbi Jack Meyer of the Misaskim Organization for assistance. Meyer in turn put the man in touch with the lead investigators of the terror attack.

On Monday, after searching his vehicle for a few hours, Detectives located a bullet in the roof of his vehicle.

The bullet was taken for forensics, and investigators believe this incident may be connected to the Jersey City attack.

Law enforcement are asking anyone with any information they think may assist them in the Jersey City investigation to please reach out to them immediately.

Additional information will be published when it becomes available to us.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. PIX11 published a report in Friday which clearly indicates that the Kosher grocery shooting was premeditated, and that the cop who intercepted them by the cemetery happened to be there for an unrelated cause. The murder of the cop was what precipitated their plan which greatly reduced three impact B”H.
    It’s therefore not surprising that they were out to kill Jews all along.


  2. Why is it that we see no update reference the stabbing that occurred in Monsey New York. I have not seen any update in any newspaper or journal. Please explain.

  3. emesayid, I also have this question. I’m theorizing that the investigators lost precious time by barking up the wrong tree looking for motives from individuals with the community. The profile of the people who viciously stabbed the victim multiple times indicates immense anger and hatred the type Jew haters have. If someone was simply trying to get something out out of the victim, they would just beat him up to try to teach him a lesson. I also don’t believe hired thugs would mess up like this and just beat up a random person for simply who happened to be on the same street as their intended victim was supposed to be on.

    I hope they are continuing the investigations and have not hit a dead end.

  4. emesayid
    December 16, 2019 10:49 pm at 10:49 pm

    Why is it that we see no update reference the stabbing that occurred in Monsey New York. I have not seen any update in any newspaper or journal. Please explain.
    Your question is indeed the answer.
    Major COVER UP.
    The Asskonim know who did.its only a secret to those who are not “in the know” hamavin yoovin.
    The Jersey City shooting story certainly didn’t help, but deflect from the Monsey story , unfortunately.