Cuomo Pulls Man From Car Crash On NYC Highway

In this photo provided by the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the governor stands on a concrete wall and holds open the door to an overturned van on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, Monday Jan. 6, 2020 in New York. The governor helped the driver safely out of the vehicle. (Dani Lever/Office of the Governor via AP)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was filmed Monday helping a man out of a van that crashed on a major New York City highway.

Footage taken by his staff showed the Democratic governor helping a man out of the driver’s seat of a large catering van that had run up the median and turned on its side on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Cuomo and his staff were on their way back from a luncheon at the Association for a Better New York, en route to catch a flight when they came across the crash.

The New York Police Department had not yet arrived on the scene when Cuomo’s vehicle pulled over and the governor cut the man out of his seat belt and helped him to safety. He received assistance from the state police troopers he was traveling with.

Fire officials told the New York Post that no injuries were reported and there was only damage to the vehicle.



  1. “he New York Police Department had not yet arrived”
    Well, yeah, had Cuomo not happened along, NYPD would not have arrived for another few hours.

  2. I have to laugh. i was once at a shiva house on those folding chairs… which gave way from under me. i hit the floor with my legs in front and hands behind me to break the fall. some funny fellow ran over and was tugging at my hands [again which were behind me] to “help me”. of course if someone is tugging you backwards its quite impossible to get up. I had a good laugh {at myself and while} watching the esteemed governor holding this mans leg in an attempt to “help him out”.

  3. @ commenters 1&2- You don’t have to agree with the gov, not like him personally. I happen to have major problems with a lot of his policies. However, that has no bearing on this particular incident- he did a good deed, and deserves accolades for it. Had he sat inside his vehicle while his entourage dealt with it, the comments would be to the effect of “he does nothing good; too lazy/self-important to get out and help”; etc.