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Video: Dov Hikind & Simcha Felder Talk with YWN About Situation In Crown Heights

[Video links in extended article] In an exclusive interview with YWN on Sunday morning, NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind called on the Mayors office, and the NYPD to respond appropriately to the attacks in Crown Heights. Hikind had some harsh words for DA Hynes, and asked him to explain to the public “why the double standard”.

Hikind concluded the interview with the following statement: “If nothing happens in the next 24 to 36 hrs (no response from NYC), the leadership in Crown Heights is ready to take this to another level. And if that does, I will be with them all the way”, Hikind told YWN.

Meanwhile, in an interview with YWN, Simcha Felder urged all those who have complaints with the NYPD to file official complaints with the CCRB. 

VIDEO LINKS: Click HERE to watch the interview with Dov Hikind, and HERE to watch the interview with Simcha Felder.

24 Responses

  1. Felder is a complete politician and out of touch. He totally whitewashed the issue.

    Mr. Felder: Al taamod al dam roiecha! If there is a time to use your position to benefit the Jewish community, this is the most crucial time.

  2. Hikind really is a mentsh. Here in Crown Heights we appreciate that you step up to the plate regardless of its political repercussions. May Hashem bentsh you tenfold for your tireless efforts on our behalf.

    One final note: There really is no Jewish Crown Heights leadership (besides perhaps grassroots chevreleit such as Berel Sugar), so you will have to initiate a march on city hall – or a demonstration of that sort, and we will follow you. Otherwise, I fear the talk won’t be followed by action.

    Also please recruit the leaders (Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshivos and Frume Machers) of all Jewish communities in NYC to stand hand in Hand to demand an end to the crown Heights Jewish blood spigot (r”l). Let’s finally give the neshomo of Reb Efrayim Klein HY”D some rest, and make sure that there will be no more korbanos. I shudder to think… and all those who stand with us will know that they were there for us when we appealed, and have clean hands. Help Hashem’s children who are in Crown Heights (even by just joining a march or rally), and Hashem will help your children. (Not to mention, that if security is achieved in Crown Heights, I’m sure that the other NYC Jewish communities will imitate the results and it would better the safety of their own communities). Perhaps, one of the wealthy Lubavitchers would even sponsor busses to bus in yungerleit who wish to stand hand in hand beside us.

    May this opportunity of displaying true Achdus Yisroel, be properly seized upon, and may it help bring geuloh v’yeshuos to klal yisroel.

  3. I have a lot of respect for hikind but how about he start mobilizing along with community leaders for some form of actual protest. The black community managed to lay across the streets and get arrested and we dont even have the guts or organization to form a protest? How about some response of how we are not going to take this anymore before we have a repeat of the 91 pogrom

  4. As someone who lives in Crown Heights, I have to agree with #1.

    Of course, Berel Sugar speaks the most sense, Shmira does a great job, but hey, look at who’s running the store!!

  5. Felder SHAME ON YOU!!!

    “Room for improvement”

    “File with CCRB (Civilian Complaint Revie Board)” Did you ever try to file something with this joke powerless office??

    And, to top it off, at 1:30 you can actually hear Felder chuckling “With my community…..?”

    Its kind of hard for a person, who for the last 15 years could get any NYC oficial on his cellphone in middle of the night to understand us.

  6. What we need is a peaceful support march to Crown Hights. One from Williamsburg and one from BP after davening and Kiddish Shabbos morning.

    We must do it.

    If somone shall organize it, I will go.

  7. Yoilish -Organize it and you will have a turnout.

    P.S. Who could reach any NYC official on the phone anytime, that you refer to above?

  8. As this is a great forum to find what the general attitude of the masses are, who is not Chabad/Crown Heights resident, yet would be committed to march alongside our community?

  9. Chabad.Info has confirmed that Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes paid a visit this past Friday to Kings County Hospital to meet with Alon Sherman and his family, Mr. Sherman was being treated after he was viciously attacked. The visit lasted for about 30 minutes and Mr. Hynes assured the family that he will do everything in his power to persecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

    The visit comes after many in the Crown Heights community felt abandoned by Hyens for calling a grand jury when a son of a black police officer was attacked by a Jewish person and for not doing enough to equally punish those who attack Jewish residents.

  10. A Lubavitcher boy riding his bicycle up Kingston Avenue this afternoon was the victim of the latest addition to the tension building between the Jewish and black communities of Crown Heights. A vehicle driven by an African American male pulled dangerously close to the boy, and as he turned onto Kingston Ave. the vehicle struck the boy sending him sprawled on the Street, and sped off up Kingston Ave. Luckily, eye witnesses took down the vehicles license plate number and called Hatzoloh and the police.

    Hatzoloh members who arrived at the scene immediately stabilized the boy, who was moderately injured.

  11. Please take a moment and say a Kapitel Tehillim for the bochur who was viciously robbed and beaten Friday morning: Alon Yisroel ben Irit.

  12. I agree that we must all go out & show our suppurt for CROUN HIGHTS YIDDEN.
    It just needs the right RABUNIM & MACHERS …

  13. SIMCHA FELDER …. he’s just “funfening” around.. trying to be self-serving in the fling of politics. Doesn’t look like he’s trying to help anyone but himself… SAD .

  14. Shame on you Simcha Felder. The garbage cans are not the only thing that you should worry about. Remember your fellow Yidden.

  15. Dov Hikind. This is a man a true “Yid”. Simcha take a lesson from him. A man who is there to help all Jews no matter whom he voted for.

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