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MONSEY CORONA VICTIM: 39 Year Old Lipa Friedrich Z”L, No Medical History; Minyanim Still Taking Place

YWN regrets to inform you of the tragic Petira of Lipa Freidrich Z”L of Monsey. He was 39.

The Niftar was a perfectly healthy young man with no prior medical condition. He tested positive for COVID-19 three days ago and was in isolation at home.

This morning he had severe shortness of breath and Monsey Hatzolah was called. Paramedics intubated him and he was placed on a respirator at Good Samaritan Hospital. Unfortunately, he was Niftar 2 hours later.

The Niftar was part of the Satmar Kehilla in Monsey. He drove a bus for Parnasah.

Tragically, he leaves behind a wife and 6 children – the youngest just 5 weeks old.

Chanania Yom Tov Lipa Z”L was the son of of Reb Moshe Freidrich.


YWN is pleading with our readers to do anything they can to get the Monsey Minyanim – and the Minyanim in Boro Park, Flatbush, and Lakewood TO STOP. People are committing mass murder by having these Minyanim.

Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes….

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17 Responses

  1. Was the above niftar going to these minyonim that YW
    chose to combine this tragic news with their warning?

    Seems to be in extremely poor taste…..

  2. There are two issues here. One many in our community only have kosher phones, don’t have internet and don’t listen to the radio. Some people are truly still clueless. Second many in our community don’t have a rov that they can turn to for guidance in a time like this. They daven in one shul shachris, a second shul mincha a third shul mariv. On Shabbos, its the local shtible for Friday night Shaboss morning maybe he’ll go to a rov or rebee. and Shabbos afternoon again it’s the local shtible. I b”h have a rov that last week found out that someone in shul tested positive he immediately shut down the shul and gave clear instruction to daven byichidus. He said not only do you have to watch yourself you also have to watch that others shouldn’t get sick because of you. If there are still people who don’t get the seriousness of the situation then get someone to padlock the shuls.

  3. Baruch Dayan emes. However, this is an isolated and rare case. The overwhelming vast majority of Middle Aged and younger people than 70 make it fine through coronavirus with very mild symptoms. The minyanim are also fine so long as they are ventilated and everyone is 6 feet apart from a neighbour. The minyanim is Israel are continuing too, and only a tiny minority of rabonim approves of closing them.

    If a murderer is out on the loose you call the cops. You don’t just stand by and say oy.

  5. Sure tell people to run around spreading hate & viruses to stop minyonim

    Have you ever considered to stop smoking so you have healthy lungs to survive illnesses

  6. YWN is engaging in extreme hyperbole!! You write “people are committing mass murder by having minyonim” really????
    If When ten people gather together its mass murder then why are supermarkets any different?? You can say that it isn’t recommended but mass murder is unbelievably ridiculous.
    It reminds me of a story: one Yom Kippur a head doctor in a Isreali hospital was making his rounds to make sure that all his patients were eating. He came in to one room where a irreligious person was laying sick and he asked him did you eat yet today, the patient answered I ate last night by the Seuda mafsekes, the Dr. replied it’s very necessary you must eat!! The patient responded tonight is my birthday and I have been planning the party menu for months down to the smallest detail, if I eat now I won’t have a appetite tonight, the Dr, thought and said you had a minor surgery a few days ago you ate last night you should be fine you don’t need to eat. From the other side of the curtain came a scream from the other patient in the room Who was frum “Dr. so I can fast?? No answered the Dr., but I had the same surgery as him and I also ate Seuda Mafsekes! The dr answered didn’t you learn in yeshiva pikuach nefesh!!!! Vehameivin yovin
    If drug dispensaries are considered essential and open including home repair stores but if we gather for a minyan YWN considers it Mass murder. It’s all about priorities

  7. Mass murder?? The chutzpah! Are you a rov to sit here and pasken a sha’ala of dinei nefashos?? I know most rabonim said not to have minyanim but maybe there are a few that disagree. Who are you to place your meat head between these poskim?? All I know is that closing shuls is a severe sha’ala that should not be taken lightly and be reserved for the poskim. Not for news anchors

  8. My heart breaks when I read this. I just don’t understand… 6 yesomim. Was it worth it??

    PLEASE, PLEASE stop! Stop your neighbors! Do whatever you must do to stop people violating the law, it’s sekanah for everyone. And if they refuse to obey, call the authorities. At this point it’s clearly life or death.

    Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

  9. Editor
    Have the guts to answer my comment instead of just conveniently deleting it. If you just delete this one too it shows that you don’t have an answer. So I’ll expect you to tone down your rhetoric and edit your article and stop spewing your kefirah

  10. YWN is publishing pictures of hasidim in close contact without castigating them. STOP. IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A PUBLIC APOLOGY YOU ARE ROTZCHIM AS WELL

  11. So you deleted both messages. You gutless spineless wiesel. You know how to use your forum to get your rhetoric out there and when there’s another side to the story you squash it. FAKE NEWS!!

  12. I am I shock, Lipa was a great guy, full of life always with a good word and a smile, would take off his shirt for someone else. Lets stop fighting between us liluy neshmas

  13. At this point, yidden should be calling the state police with the locations of such illegal gatherings and hope they are prosecuted for violating the state orders against gatherings. Its beyond belief that the rabbonim and askanim of these mosdos are tolerating these minyanim.

  14. even with no medical problems, the disease can be lethal, nobody should assume they are safe because they are young and healthy.

    the problem with minyanim is it only takes a wipe of the nose and touching something to spread the virus and the six foot rule is not magical in stopping spread, but more a politically expedient simple directive.

    grocery stores also are dangerous, and precautions should be done to avoid spread, i.e minimizing visits, but also nobody goes 3-4x everyday to the store like they do to daven.

    some ways that could be enacted that worked in china include requiring people to wear masks in public, restricting families to only one person shopping once per week, and gloves.

    so actually the government and the restrictions have actually been too lenient.

  15. Fakehadorah, your comment is a perfect illustration that a “cure” to China virus may be worse than a decease itself, as Trump said.

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