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Video: Revival Symposium, Can You Afford to Get Old? Are You Prepared if Illness Strikes

banner_logo.gifOn Tuesday evening, Revival Home Health Care held a free public symposium in Flatbush – regarding: Can you afford to get old, are you prepared if illness strikes? The first speaker was Rav Yisroel Reisman Shlita (how to Halachicly deal with elderly parents), and the last speaker was Mr. Eli Goldbaum – who gave a very interesting speech on various different topics such as: Insurance, Home Care, getting someone onto Medicaid, Long-term care, and many common problems & phone calls that Revival deals with on a daily basis.

Click HERE to view YWN video.

(Rabbi Reisman speaks until 22:20, followed by Mr. Eli Goldbaum)

(YW-32 / YW-35)

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  1. is there a way to download this video, to show it to those who don’t have internet, but would benefit tremendously from seeing it?

  2. Would you,YWN, put a more thorough article about this. It would help for someone I know extremely well who has been in Nursing Home and hospital for 9 months,is frum,and reads your columns religiously.

  3. Wow what a huge kiddush hashem this is! Revival is a huge help for our community! A special thanks to the Best Recruiter 4 pulling off an amazing event once again:) btw- luv the ad on J!

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