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Video & Photos: Approximately 15,000 Attend BMG Evening of Chizuk

01.jpg[VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS BELOW] Approximately 15,000 men from Lakewood converged on a massive tent in the Southern part of town on Wednesday night, for the annual BMG Evening of Chizuk. Due to the hard work of many people, the event was tremendous Kiddush Hashem – from the amount of parking, to the amount of food, to the Ruchnius in the air.The two guest speakers were Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff Shlita, Morah D’asra of K’hal Bais Yisroel of Minneapolis MN, and Rav Boruch Mordechai Ezrachi Shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Ateres Yisroel in Yerushalayim.

Divrei Bracha were also given by the Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Malkiel Kotler Shlita.

An award which consisted of letters signed by the Gedolim of Eretz Yisroel, was given to Reb Mordechai Hershkowitz, due to his tireless efforts the Kollel checks have not been delivered late in the past six year.

According to Rabbi Aaron Kotler, the Lakewood PD estimated that 7,000 cars arrived at the event – most cars carrying 2-4 passengers, bringing the estimated amount of people in the area of 15,000.

Click HERE to watch a 30 minute YWN video, and click HERE to see YWN photos of this tremendous Kiddush Hashem.

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  1. your video is only for 5 seconds. Something must be wrong. Maybe you are posting the wrong one

    Moderators Note: Video works fine. 

  2. You dod not mention that all these people showed up even though it was scheduled for fairly late last night. The event began after night seder in yeshiva was over.

  3. I am not asking this question tongue in cheek and with cynicsm but rather with a desire to honestly know the answer.
    How does a huge parlor meeting constitute a kiddush Hashem? Are we celebrating a siyum Hashas or something that brings nachas to Hashem. It is just a glorified parlor meeting albeit for a worthy cause? Please. Can someone explain it to me? Thank you.

  4. Ther is no way that there was more than 7000 people there let alone 15000. Those numbers are grossly inflated. The bottom line what Yeshiva wants to know, is what was the total of pledges…the more people that were there the less impressive the total will be. (Avg. per person)

  5. #4
    Even if this is just a parlor meeting the fact is it is representing an institution of massive amounts of people learning Torah day and night as well as the Lakewood Kollellim that are having tremendous hashpaah in commumities around the US. This gathering is in fact a great Kiddush Hashem!

  6. #4: It was a huge Kiddush Hashem because it is all about Kovod Hatorah. The atmosphere, the representation of Gedolei Yisroel, the achdus and shutfus of bnei Torah and baalei batim, the speeches and the chizuk to grow Torah to highest levels is through and through. To see such an assemblage in the eyes of H’ might just be a huge Kiddush Hashem. Viyaosu Chulam etc. Kein Yirbu!!!

  7. Thank you for all the pictures-it made me feel part of it. i wanted to attend the “event in the tent” but was unable to make it there.

  8. #4 it was a great kidush hashem in my humble opinion.
    At a parlor meeting all the kovod goes to the donors & yeshiva liet are left on the sidelines.

    here the main crowd was yeshivaliet !

    I as a proud donor have suggested in the past to the administration to promote donors by setting up separate “vip” sitting areas etc as other mosdos do…

    the response was, we dont want to make any such statement!

    so u see that the main focus is the kidush hashem- plz dont be mechalel it!!!

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