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Flatbush: Swastikas Scrawled On Agudah of Ave L

Picture 005.jpg(Click HERE for photos) 12:45PM EST: Detectives from the 70th Precinct are currently at the Agudah Bais Binyomin, Avenue L and Nostrand Avenue, and are investigating two swastikas found scrawled on the Nostrand Avenue exit door. A source tells YWN that the detectives are looking through the video tapes of the exterior of the building, and hope to find the suspect.

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  1. We at the Agudah are in the process of reviewing the video cameras. WE have a carera that is overlooking that door. Once we capture it, we will send a link to

  2. Oy!!! We in Flatbush never think it could happen to us… Agav the swastika is backwards- but it still strikes full force.. WE ARE STIILL IN GOLUS!!!!!!!

  3. It is no longer believed that public school children played a role in the crime. It seems that the felony occurred between 8PM Wednesday evening and prior to the 7AM shacharis at the shul.

  4. The Swastikas were first seen on the video at 6:52 AM Thursday morning. If you have any helpful information reguarding this incident you are urged to call the Agudah at 718-377-0977

  5. It’s only on the side door no one really uses .. , … it seems like ordinary mischief .. I wouldn’t make a federal case out of it… ( although it will be great to catch the kid(s) and dole fair punishment.

  6. After looking at the video tapes in further detail it now appears that we have found the perpratrator.It does appear to be a public school kid with the crime taking place at about 2:30 PM wednesday.If anybody saw anything at that time it is advised that they contact Nochum Dusowitz at 718-986-9169 All calls will be kept confidential. A video link will be posted shortly.

  7. I live blocks from the public school and want the government to take action if children are being taught wrong ideals or unleashing terror on Jewish facilities.

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