WATCH: Trump Leaves Hospital Briefly To Greet Supporters Outside


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President Donald Trump briefly left the military hospital where he is being treated for COVID-19, riding in a vehicle to greet supporters gathered outside.

Trump departed the hospital in an armored SUV and remained in the vehicle as he drove past a flag-waving and cheering crowd outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Trump teased his surprise departure in a brief video posted to his Twitter page.

“I also think we’re going to pay a little surprise to some of the great patriots that we have out on the street,” he said, after thanking the doctors at the facility.

“It’s been a very interesting journey,” Trump said in the video. “I learned a lot about COVID. I learned it by really going to school. This is the real school. This isn’t the let’s read the books school. And I get it, and I understand it. And it’s a very interesting thing.”

Earlier in the day, Trump’s doctor said he “continued to improve” and suggested he could be discharged as early as Monday.



  1. The Maryland Republican party organized his supporters to be there. He is putting Secret Service at risk for a ridiculous photo op. They are paid th give their life to protect him and this is how he treats them.

  2. This entire thing is a publicity stunt. He’ll get discharged from the hospital and he’ll say ” look I had Covid and got over it. I told you it is going away.”

  3. Trump seems to think you cannot learn anything from books. That’s true only if you are too lazy to read them. That’s true only if you are too narrow-minded to believe anything that contradicts your wishes or your self-interest. That’s why he is utterly unfit to be the US president.

  4. To MoisheInGolfus: What are the similarities among the first 4 comments that prove your point about morons. And I thought so-called “morons” (psychologists no longer use the term) could not think at all. Judging by your comments, here and elsewhere, I don’t think you think all that much.