WATCH THE EXPLOSION: In Rare Move, IDF Publicizes Footage of Attack on Syria


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In an extremely rare move, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit published footage of the attack that took place on Wednesday night in Syria, when IAF bombers destroyed military targets and munition warehouses belonging to the Iranian Al Quds group and the Syrian military.

The action came after the IDF discovered a number of IEDs that were planted by Syrian forces along the border with Israel. It is assumed that the targets of the IEDs were IDF forces who regularly patrol the area. The IDF believes that the Syrian forces who placed the IEDs did so at the behest of Iranian instructions.

The Spokesperson’s Unit said that the placement of the IEDs was proof that Iranian forces are becoming more entrenched inside Syria.

Israel holds the Syrian regime responsible for all aggressive actions taken by anyone inside their territory. “The IDF will continue to take every action deemed necessary to slow the entrenchment of Iranian forces inside Syria that pose a threat to the stability and security of the region,” the statement by the Spokesperson’s Unit said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)