How Is COVID 19 Affecting Working Class Around the World?


There’s no denying that 2020 has affected numerous jobs and caused huge setbacks to multiple markets. The impact is felt in nearly all industries across the board. However, it is widely considered that the working middle class has seen the greatest amount of turmoil. 

Some sources even go so far as to suggest that this group faces the greatest threat since the 1930s. But is this the truth, does the working class have reasons to worry? Let’s take a look.

The Dangers That the Working Class Faces

In addition to taking a lot of pay cuts, the working class has also worked fewer hours, in general, this year —  resulting in lower wages overall. Not to mention, individuals in this group recently tend to live in constant fear of not being to keep their jobs at all. However, perhaps the greatest issue that people within this category face is being afflicted with the virus, for several reasons.

Being able to work from home is a unique privilege, and it’s one that the working class typically doesn’t enjoy. The working class has to show up, which puts them at a greater risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. So, they’re put in a more dangerous situation than higher-level employees by default. 

To make matters even worse, most working class people don’t have the option of not showing up to work and losing wages. So, even if they feel unwell and are worried if they’re infected with COVID, they’re hesitant about staying at home.

This creates dangers within itself, to both their coworkers and the afflicted person themself. However, the working class already feels great pressure to keep their wages, and jobs themselves, so this feels like a risk they have to take.

With all of this in mind, it comes as no surprise that many working class people are worried about COVID related compensation claims. 

COVID-19 Versus Compensation Claims

We must preface this paragraph by noting that we still can’t predict the implications that COVID-19 will have on compensations. However, the data we have been seeing so far suggests that the rise in compensation isn’t nearly as dramatic as expected.

All that being said, you need to know your rights and avenues you should take when filing a compensation claim related to COVID-19.  For example, if you live in Australia, and meet the conditions for Legislative Amendments (Emergency Measures) Act, you may be an eligible candidate.

However, as these regulations are new and being rapidly developed to adapt to new circumstances. So, they can’t take everything into account and are somewhat hard to interpret as-is.

If you’re unsure of whether you can file a compensation claim and live in Western Australia, we recommend getting in touch with the Foyle Legal team. By reaching out to a workers compensation lawyer, you’ll be able to know what your rights are and receive compensation if you’ve been affected by COVID-19.

Final Thoughts

The working class holds many different markets together, and the roles of these people are integral to all of us. Unfortunately, this also means they’re put in a greater risk of contracting COVID-19, which may significantly injure their ability to work. So, it’s essential that the working class know how to and can act within their rights to ensure they’re covered in case of infection.