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NYPD ALERT: Emergency Meeting Held In Brooklyn; Extra Patrols To be Added, And Important Message From Police [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

An emergency meeting was held on Friday afternoon, between NYPD Brass and community leaders in Boro Park and Flatbush in light of the recent hate crimes and protests around the city.

The meeting was held at Misaskim Headquarters in Boro Park and was very well attended by every Precinct Commander in the area as well as the NYPD Chiefs, Hate Crimes Deputy Inspector Jessica Corey, who participated via phone from Police Headquarters in Manhattan, and many Community Affairs Officers.

Deputy Chief Ruel Stephenson XO of Patrol Boro Brooklyn South told the gathering that the NYPD is taking these incidents very seriously and are actively investigating any incidents that have occurred. Additionally, NYPD Intelligence and Counterterrorism Detectives are working around the clock monitoring social media for any planned events. As of now, there are absolutely no credible threats.

Police will be increasing their patrols for this Shabbos, and have been instructed to drive with their lights on when patrolling.

Additionally, the NYPD is requesting from the community that if a vehicle convoy passes your neighborhood waving Palestinian flags or shouting from the window, do NOT engage with them. Simply notify the police and let them handle it. Engaging with these individuals, likely results in violence. The NYPD tells YWN that they witnessed hundreds of people protesting in Manhattan on Thursday. The majority were peacefully protesting on both sides. A small percent got verbal with each other. These small pockets of verbal exchanges ended in violence.

Finally, Jewish Community leaders are requesting that people DO NOT attend a protest scheduled for 3:30PM at Times Square this Sunday. Attending this protest would be extremely counter-productive to the Israeli cause, and will end in Chillul Hashem (desecration of G-ds name).

Some of the attendees were Inspector Elliot Colon PBBS, Inspector David Wall, CO 70, Deputy Inspector Richie Taylor, CO Community Affairs, Capt Jason Hagestad CO 66, Capt Derby St. Fort CO 61, Capt Andrew Tolson CO 68, Capt Tao Chen CO 62, Lt Ira Jablonsky Community Affairs PBBS, Rabbi Jack Meyer, Police Liaison, Bob Moskowitz, Flatbush Shomrim Coordinator, Representative from Boro Park Shomrim, Rabbi Bernard Freilach, Police Liaison, Yehuda Eckstein, Police Liaison, Bernie Gips, Coordinator Boro Park Hatzolah, and others.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

9 Responses

  1. Typical liberal “advice”. Let the Muslim instigators scream profanity and hate, be violent but we Jews have to be quiet and simply take all without reaction. And best yet if we run away. As in Israel, Jews need to take it all, we shouldn’t defend ourselves just let everyone punch us and kick us and kill us.

  2. is this a joke?
    24h later they meet to assuage the community leaders?
    they did nothing and they will do nothing.
    Trump was the last thing on their way to turn usa into europe, expect more muslims not few where you live

  3. So we have this garbage NYPD talking about us instead of coming out strong against those evil people who are turning over the city and bluing us

    Strong leader ship is that when this happens you come out strong against them not against us


  4. Certain jews WILL be there to make sure the palis dont get out of hand well trained former combat vets hidden and visible AM YISRAEL CHAI!!

  5. The police’s job is to protect our rights to protest freely, just like they protect the pro-Hamas crowd. Telling the Jews to stay sat home and not attend demonstrations or make our voices heard because they can’t protect us is a failure of law enforcement leadership on every level. I guess Hamas has carte-blanche on the city while the Jews need to stay quiet. No. If the city can’t protect us, we should protect ourselves, but we have a duty to make our voices heard.

  6. Listen to the video. The police is saying that “we will not tolerate the situation on both sides”…Really?! Do you see any Jews starting up with Arabs?! Are we not allowed to defend ourselves?! And why am I not hearing anything from the “askanim” protesting this “cycle of violence” propaganda?

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