Software for Responsible Gambling Available in Israel


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The iGaming industry has had immense growth in the past few years across the world. During the pandemic, many people have resorted to the exciting thrills of gambling. The rush of playing an electrifying round at a casino has helped people escape the morbidity of the present situation. The recent generation has witnessed an increased dependency on the internet. 

Now everything happens online, so why not casinos? Online casinos are available as long as you have a mobile phone and internet. However, the availability of online casinos and their addictive interfaces has led to the rise of gambling addiction. Countries like Israel, United Arab Emirates, and Brunei have strict regulations against gambling. Israeli laws house some of the strictest codes against gambling. But that does not discourage the growth of the iGaming industry there.

What is Responsible Gambling?

With the rise of the gambling industry, there is also a need for awareness regarding gambling issues. Gambling gets a bad reputation due to its addictive nature. People indulging themselves in iGaming often lose themselves in the excitement of the games and end up causing financial harm. Responsible gambling is when punters gamble just for the sake of entertainment, and not as a way to source their income. When gambling causes financial and mental harm it is considered problem gambling. 

Responsible gambling is all about prevention and protection from problem gambling. Online casino operators and gaming control boards have come together to start the social initiative of responsible gambling. This is to safeguard the integrity and fairness of the industry and to promote awareness of evils associated with gambling.

Software for Responsible Gambling 

The gambling industry wants to ensure a good experience for all its patrons. The pandemic has triggered a problem gambling situation. Many help organizations, such as GambleAware or GamCare, are dedicated to the creation of responsible gambling software that can aid punters in their recovery from gambling addiction. 

Software for responsible gambling is available worldwide, including in Israel. Due to the strict laws against gambling in Israel, the gambling software can help multiple recovering problem gamblers. Here are a few examples of responsible gambling software that might be available for Israeli gamblers. 

Internal Gambling Limits

Internal gambling limits are tools that will help you exit your gambling activities whenever you choose to. This tool has gained immense fame in Israel and worldwide. One of the most useful features of this software is, the loss or transfer limit, a tool to deter the sum of money gamblers can lose. The gamblers can also limit the amount they use while gambling with the help of a Deposit limit tool. 

With the limit set in the software, they will not be allowed to bet higher than the entered amount. This software is a lifesaver when it comes to saving gamblers from financial harm. The tool helps its users to set a limit – preventing big losses. 


BetBlocker, created in 2019, is a very well-known software amongst gambling enthusiasts. The app was developed by an online casino review site named in the UK. This self-blocking tool is available to punters around the world, including in Israel. 

Gambling enthusiasts, who are easily swayed by the charm of online casinos, are more likely to get addicted. This software is perfect for them. The application can be downloaded on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS without any hassle. The user can choose the duration of his ban and the software shall bar them from all online casino sites. It has various other features that minimize the harm associated with gambling as much as possible.

Self-Exclusion Schemes

The self-exclusion schemes are another nifty way of curbing your gambling urges. Self-exclusion schemes have gained a lot of traction in the European as well as the middle eastern countries. These schemes are consciously created to minimize the harms of gambling. Usually, these schemes are created or funded by NGOs – for example, GamStop is a powerful self-exclusion tool that has been funded by the NGO GambleAware. 

Although there are several popular non-GamStop casino providers which do not cooperate with this self-exclusion scheme, all local brands are obligated to join it and provide limits for users. Currently, hundreds of thousands of players joined GamStop and limited their access to local brands. 

Problem gamblers seeking to remedy their situation should register themselves under such a scheme or install an application. After the confirmation of their registration, they’ll find themselves successfully blocked out of online casino sites for the desired amount of time.


Gambling should always be looked at as an entertaining sport and not as a source of income. Gambling is fun as long as it is not causing the enthusiast significant financial and mental harm. Regulatory bodies and NGOs have united to provide gambling addicts an opportunity to mend their ways. 

Software for responsible gambling can help elevate the lifestyle of multiple gamblers who find it difficult to stop. The given software for responsible gambling is here to help. These tools are used widely and have proven efficient for multiple individuals in Israel.