VIDEO: Maimonides Symposium: Preventing Strokes & Heart Attacks


mmc1.gif(Video link at end of story) Lots of men and woman turned out for a Maimonides Medical Center & Crown Heights Hatzolah symposium on recognition, prevention and treatment of stroke and heart disease, entitled “would you recognize the signs of a stroke or heart attack?”

The gathered crowd heard from two notable doctors, Robert A. Frankel and Jeffrey Farkas, who are heart and brain specialists, about the signs, treatments, and how to prevent these various ailments, followed with a question and answer session with the doctors.

Also attending the event was Pamela S. Brier, president and CEO of Maimonides Medical Center, she addressed the crowd and spoke of the importance of screening and early intervention.

VIDEO LINK: Click HERE to watch exclusive YWN video footage. The start of the video is Dr Farkas talking about strokes, and at 34:00 is Dr. Frankel talking about Heart attacks.


  1. According to Dr. Mehmet oz, Chief Heart Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian, the only real way to prevent strokes and heart attacks is to eat a mostly-plant-based diet and to avoid “fake fats,” like margarine, which are all-pervasive in cookies and all kinds of packages baked goods.

    White flour, white sugar, and vegetable oils are also heavy contributors to heart problems and diabetes.

    These kinds of symposia are mostl adverttisements for the hospitals, to get you to use their services, rather than those of the New York hospitals.