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THE SAGA CONTINUES: Lev Tahor Group Detained By Army In Kurdistan Area, Transferred To Another Country

A group of about 70 Lev Tahor members, including men, women, and children, managed to successfully leave Guatemala and reach the Kurdistan area this past Thursday, Kikar H’Shabbat reported on Monday.

However, only 24 hours after they reached the Kurdistan area, local military forces raided the building they were staying in and detained the group. They were transferred to a compound on a military base, where the soldiers brought them fruits and vegetables to eat.

On Motzei Shabbos, the soldiers brought the Lev Tahor members to the airport and tried to force them to board a flight but refused to tell them the flight’s destination. Pandemonium ensued as the Lev Tahor members refused to board the flight without knowing its destination.

Eventually, the soldiers gave up on forcing the group to board the flight and brought them to a room in the airport, where they were placed under heavy guard and banned from leaving the area.

On Sunday night, a large number of soldiers and guards forced the Lev Tahor on a private plane and they were flown to an unknown destination. Lev Tahor members still in Guatemala told Kikar that they are unaware of where their fellow cult members were taken to but they believe that it may have been Turkey.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. what a horrible situation they dont allow themselves to get help – brainwashed, traumatized yet with enormous perseverance to stay meshuga & survive
    , poor children – watch the clips of mothers surrounded by screaming infants & children for days with some fruits & veg. an army forcing u on a plane going who knows where.. vee nemt men dee koach


    Might don’t give money to their supporters:

    Yisroel Malka ( Kurdistan?)
    Robert ( Shalom) Mendelovic ( Boro Park, born in Austria)
    Yeshivat Toras Dovid (Monsey), hosting some of them during Elul and having ex members in his Kollel
    Family Santos ( Guatemala), collecting recently in Lakewood and Willamsburg

    Be aware of these instutions and people. If they ask you for money, think twice…. Kick them out of your community!!

    Why I post it??

    Because they are was talking and brain washing my friends with their Lev Tahor ideology.

    Almost all my friends who get brainwashed by them with their promises and having a good life if they follow their path, left religion…even some going out with goyim!!!!! THIS IS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!

    Bachorim and Bachot. Same even fly to the US and Central Americawith hope of having a better future and better life. They got promised a wonderful yeshiva.They get abused over there from these people, were left complete alone.

    Some are from Russian background, few with European. They were all baal tschuva and from poorer families. No Gerim, JEWISH!!!
    It’s really sad:

    I wanna help them, it’s very difficult to talk to them. They are very upset:

    If you habe any ideas from bring them back or Person, which they could speak and is TRUSTWORTHY or Yeshiva, contact me: rafirafi01112003@

    I am serious about this. It’s no joke!!!! How many more Jews you wanna to loose their faith in Judism???

    Stop supporting these people, you bring huge damage to the Jewish world.!!!!

  3. If these Lev Tahor members find themselves flown by the Kurdistan government to a country not of their choosing is there any government that they can turn to for assistance other than the Iranians? Will anyone step in to save those innocent children?

  4. they should all be sent to Israel

    let them live in Mea Shearim if they want; there are already many sects that are like them there / or are at least similar in many ways

    no Jew should be in Iran

  5. Lev Tahor is NOT a cult.

    Stop the lason hara against Lev Tahor.
    Lason hara against Lev Tahor is a grievous sin which will be punished.
    Don’t do it.

  6. There is no such country as Kurdistan… Kurdistan or Greater Kurdistan is a roughly defined geo-cultural territory in Western Asia wherein the Kurdish people form a prominent majority population and the Kurdish culture, languages, and national identity have historically been based. It comprises of 4 regions: Northern Kurdistan (Turkey); Southern Kurdistan (Iraq); Eastern Kurdistan (Iran); Western Kurdistan (Syria). So, where is it that they “escaped” to?

  7. ready now, really now? what about the stories of countless peolpe who escaped, andd who have seen things?
    Rumors dont star from nowhere, especially when 90 % of the jewish world is talking about it, you have to know when to be dan lekaf zechus! When there s smoke, there s a fire

  8. Mottel, “rumors'”- you said it-“lashon hara”.
    They look different, as all Jews did years ago, and you lash your tongue?
    Shame on you!
    It was the authorities in “civilized” Canada that started the discrimination against Jews! They tried so hard to find anything and just found some tinea on some feet! But they continued to hound them! and it has snowballed because of lawless people like you and their tongues, repeating unsubstantiated rumors, lashon hara.

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