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Moldovan Chief Rabbi: Lev Tahor Tried To Enter Syria, Lebanon Or Albania

Chief Rabbi of Moldova Rav Pinchas Saltzman spoke to B’Chadrei Chareidim on Sunday about the attempt of Lev Tahor members to enter Moldova.

“After the Iranian government refused to accept them, a first group landed in Moldova overnight Thursday,” Rav Saltzman said.

“I only found out about it after they landed and from that moment we began to make the most of our connections. We appealed to the Moldovan President, government ministers, and local security authorities.”

“Our appeal was accepted. Another group of Lev Tahor members landed in Moldova on Shabbos (!) and they were sent back. A second group that wanted to board a flight on Shabbos from Turkey to Moldova were not permitted to board the flight.”

“They’ve been wandering from place to place. They’ve created many many problems around them by marrying minors, abducting children, and an extremely non-standard lifestyle. We were afraid that after many years of no anti-Semitism in Moldova, it would suddenly return.”

“I heard that they tried to be approved for entry in Lebanon, Syria, and also Albania – they weren’t accepted there either. They’re quite nervous since they don’t have many choices left and they may have to be deported to either Israel or the United States.”

Rav Saltzman also made a generous offer. “I’m prepared to fully commit – anyone from the group under age 18 who comes to Moldova – we’ll accept them with love to live and eat at our expense.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. Rav Saltzman,
    They have done nothing wrong according to Torah Law, except you also accuse them of being poor!
    What an accusation!
    You cannot take all people under 18, many are little kids, this is wrong.
    You are the one showing the world what Jews are!
    When a rabbi does this, it is a hillul Hashem!

  2. Ready:

    I will address you in every thread on YWN. The Rav is engaging in trying to save Jews. The life they are subjected to is full of abuse, sin, and crime. They are being led to believe the blasphemy that the derech of Lev Tahor has a semblance of connection to Judaisnm or to Torah, which is a malicious lie. In reality, those under 18 are the innocent victims, brainwashed and held captive by the evil perpetrators of your cult of thugs. So the Rav is inviting that they be protected and rescued from their captors. Taking them is not just “right” but it is a mitzvah. Jews seek to rescue those held hostage.

    Meanwhile, it is the baalei aveiroh of Lev Tahor that portray an image of Jews to the world that is a complete disgrace. The Rav was clear that allowing them to enter their country would provoke anti-Semitism that is otherwise non-existent.

    So, Ready, go ahead and continue with your chilul Hashem and your apikorsus. I will support any and all efforts to rescue children held hostage by your kidnappers and apikorsim.

  3. Ready Now, marrying off little girls at 12-13 is child abuse. By the time they are 20 they have a houseful of kids and have gone through many pregnancies and labor. Don’t say “according to the Torah” you are allowed to do that because it involves serious issurim of hurting others, ruining their mental and physical health, etc. During the the middle ages when women died young they needed to marry very young but as soon as the medical situation became better in Europe even the most frum people didn’t marry before 18 years of age.

    And even those girls who married young in the middle ages, many of their babies and children babies did not survive so they ended up with only a few kids but here they have large families and it is extremely hard for them.

    They don’t eat chicken and meat and deprive their cult members of basic living necessities. This is totally against the Torah which teaches us that materialism ( of course not overdone) should be used as a vehicle to serve Hashem.

    I will not write a megillah here about the long list of sins Lev Tahor commits, violating the Shabbos being one of them, but they certainly do many things against Torah law and Yiddishkeit.

  4. Lev Tahor has done nothing against Jewish Law, face it, swallow it and stop the evil lashon hara, the unsubstantiated rumors.

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