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MAILBAG: Is There a New Virus Out There?

If you are following at all what is going on in our communities and across the countries, you are, like myself, probably utterly perplexed.

Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, are sick in bed with fever; some are also experiencing vomiting and other odd symptoms, as well. Yet so many of them have tested for both Covid-19 and influenza, with those test results coming back negative.

Now, I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but this has really piqued my interest, so much so that I reached out to a couple of doctors that I know for their take on the matter.

All of them told me that, at least to some extent, whatever is going around is not being picked up by the regular tests that are being used. Whether these illnesses are being caused by Covid, the flu, or something else completely, we don’t have the testing ability to figure out what’s going on.

This got me thinking.

Is it possible that instead of approving an additional Covid-19 jab and then another and then another, the medical establishment has to start considering that something else, some other virus, is spreading rapidly throughout the US? Is it possible that so many of us are being stricken by an illness that scientists and researchers are ignoring because they are so laser-focused on Covid-19?

We already know the CDC got a lot wrong over the course of the pandemic, and there is little doubt that they’re continuing to get things wrong. Would it be so surprising if they are now, yet again, ignoring the evidence before them? Is it so crazy to think that there is a new illness in town?

I think not.

Respectfully submitted,

Y.B., Far Rockaway, NY

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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25 Responses

  1. Or maybe the lockdowns/isolation and psychological warfare waged by these leftists Democrats and their media propagandists has trashed people’s immune system to the point that “normal” environmental factors cause illness.

  2. To YB: You are perplexed because you don’t know how science, including medical science, works. Tll those things that you think the researchers should have considered were considered. All the changes in Dr. Fauci’s advice were because new information emerged which superseded earlier information. There was, and is, a serious virus – Covid – on the loose, and the medical establishment is responding as quickly as their ever-changing knowledge allows.

    What perplexes me is why so many people want to kibbitz in a topic they know nothing about. In the words of Rabbi Ben Stern, “Sit down, shut up.”

  3. Maybe it’s just a new strain of covid that’s more difficult to detect?
    It is really unprecedented to have so many people get sick so fast. 🤧

  4. Dr. Huju Fauci, the only thing missing from your arrogant comment is ” I am science”!

    By the way I respectfully disagree with the writer. Fever and vomiting are common flu symptoms. I was sick last week and didn’t have any odd symptoms. It was a regular flu perhaps a bit stronger than usual.

    Additionally the rapid flu tests often show negative when the overnight test is positive as happened with me last week. Some people may not bother to call to check on the overnight results.

  5. In the good old days, only the taxi drivers and barbers knew the answers to solve all the problems in the world.

    The taxi driver and barber knew how to fix the economy, settle international crisis, fix the government, and cure all illnesses.

    Now, Boruch Hashem every yenta has earned the wisdom to solve the most complex issues. They have the insight to come up with the answers that elude experts in the field.

    Please don’t take away that position from the taxi drivers and the barbers. Unless you drive a taxi or know how to give haircuts, you are not qualified to solve the mysteries of the world.

  6. Possible explanations:
    Rapid tests are less sensitive to Omicron. Also, omicron makes people infectious faster, including those with prior immunity. So, these people get “flu symptoms” early on (meaning their immune system is, Baruch Hashem reacting) and possibly by the time they test, level of the virus is low. With earlier virus without prior immunity, people went testing only if they were sick with coughing (no immunity/no running nose) with high amount of virus.

    UK did estimates: currently 75% of people with “cold symptoms” are having Covid. So, presume that you have Covid and isolate accordingly. If you were to have flu, it would also be common courtesy not to go and mix with people. Spending a week at home with a sefer will not hurt anyone!

  7. It’s Covid, I recognize the symtoms from 2 years ago. The person in shul is telling you they tested negative because they do not want to wear a mask or be forced to stay home.

  8. To Uncle Ben: (a) I love your rice.

    (b) You may not like my arrogance, but what, if anything, is incorrect in my arrogant comment?

  9. No. I suspect that it is a new virus. I have been feeling nauseous on an off for the past four weeks (and my wife has been feeling slightly nauseous as well). I went for a COVID, flu and overall blood test and everything was negative.

  10. You are probably correct. Here is factually why. Remember that Covid was here prior to March 2020, this has been confirmed in multiple ways of tracing. Prior to this, there were mass outbreaks of an illness between Dec,19 and Feb,20 all over, and even some small town morgues filled. Doctors said it was probably the flu. They tested people for the flu. In every antidotal story the test came back negative. Doctors just said, “oh well, I guess the test is wrong”. derr.
    If there is something new going around, we’re going to have to wait for another country like China or Denmark to test for it and sequence the genes. Because the American’s are hopeless and will never learn. Case in point, if the world was slightly different, and we didn’t have air travel and covid was strictly in the US for the past 2 years, for an academic theory, we’d still be calling it a mystery flu and not even bother researching it.
    Which reminds me, weren’t they blaming these illnesses on vaping just a month or two before the WHO and the CCDC(Chinese CDC) stated a novel virus was discovered? Maybe we can go back to that conspiracy and blame vaping.
    You’re not alone in this assumption.

  11. These have been my thoughts exactly. Anyone who is not thinking this has not experienced what’s been going around. Everyone in my family in quick succession had ONE DAY of severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and chills. Went through one day each any everyone got it one by one over a week. And we’re not alone since the same thing I’m hearing is happening all over and we know many people who were were not in contact with who this happened to. These are not Covid or Flu symptoms and tests were negative. Then a week and a half later two family members are about 6 neighbors were ill with flu symptoms, such are temp as high as 103.5, lethargy, muscle aches, coughing, etc and ALL tested positive for flu and negative for Covid. All but one had the flu shot BTW. There is NO QUESTION that something else is going on. This is not Covid and this is not typical winter illnesses.

  12. Some doctors said that the spike proteins created by the covid vaccine MIGHT compromise the recipient’s G-d given immune system. Perhaps that is what is happening for some people. We are all fighting off millions of germs/viruses daily. Perhaps what would have been handled easily by the immune system working properly (no illness, or slight illness) is now turning into more severe illnesses in those who have created the spike proteins in their bodies – because they compromised their G-d given immune system.

  13. Classic case of the Emperor’s New Clothes.
    “Omicron” is nothing more than Covid-19 marketing for what is actually seasonal influenza.

    The End.

  14. There are really two separate points here, the unknown “bug” that people have and the Covid shots.
    Regardless of whatever the unknown “bug” is, the Covid shots will obviously continue to be pushed. viHaKesef Yaaneh es haKol.

  15. Anonymous, you’re on the mark.

    Huju, you’re right. “Sit down & shut up”. You should direct this towards Fauci, the CDC, the FDA, WHO, and all the blubbering fools who would appear a lot wiser had they just truthfully said, “We don’t know…we don’t have the answers”.

  16. All the conspiracy theorists can have a field day. Depending upon what is your favorite flavor.
    1. It’s a reaction to the Covid vaccine.
    2. It’s a reaction to Measles vaccine.
    3. It’s a reaction to all vaccines.
    4. It’s a result of global warming.
    5. It’s a Zionist conspiracy.
    6. It’s a Chinese conspiracy.
    7. It’s Yeshiva World looking for a news story.
    8. It’s Vosizneias planting a non-story on The Yeshiva World.
    Feel free to add whatever comes to your particular warped mind.

  17. There are always new viruses. That is how Ha-Shem designed the world. If you want to freak out about it, go back to ignoring modern science and assume that illness is caused by humors in the air, or divine punishment (and at least you would be on the right track).

    Unfortunately many of our leaders freaked out and treated Covid19 as if it a new version of smallpox or ebola, and the politicians probably did more damage than the virus. But that’s another problem. Given that almost all leaders today are at least nominally elected, and all are responsible to someone (even most dictators), we probably have no one but ourselves to blame.

  18. For us to survive this information virus that the community can not process, we need to understand what is going on. Otherwise, we will be victims of propaganda coming from both extremes.

    We need to have chemistry, biology, and statistics classes in every yeshiva and BYs. If yours does not teach it (well), go request it. Adults that skipped on that in their youth, should get a booster. Go to Khan academy and take these courses. This booster may require several months to start working, but it will give you antibodies against propaganda for your whole life.

  19. akuperma > There are always new viruses … our leaders freaked out

    And humanity responded to previous epidemies by dealing with them the best way they knew at the time, including locking their doors. I presume that all of us are descendants of those who took the threats seriously.

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