GOOD RIDDANCE: Store Employee Who Refused to Serve Jewish Customer FIRED


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An antisemitic employee at a convenience store who refused service to a Jewish customer for not having a mask who refused service to a Jewish customer for not having a mask, but gave no problem to an unmasked non-Jewish customer, has been fired from her job.

In an email responding to the incident, the store owner said he was sorry for what happened, and that the employee has been terminated.

“Let me assure you that our policy does not direct employees to refuse service to any customer based upon adherence to the mask requirement imposed by the State of New York. Neither the refusal of service nor the ensuing confrontational actions of the staff member are acceptable in our business, are not in line with out policies and are not tolerated,” the email reads.

“While we typically do not discuss internal personnel matters with anyone outside of the company, I can tell you that this situation will not be repeated as the staff member no longer works for our company.”

Goodbye, and good riddance.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. We are in Golus, she will easily find a job at another outlet and likely repeat her action. Likewise, don’t assume the next employee will be any better. Keep to the rules and accept that antisemitism is being sent by Hashem for a purpose.

  2. I agree with DavidtheKanoi. There is a concept of a “Golus Yid” which, to me, also means that we have to lay low in Golus and not attract attention. Yes, this incident was disgusting. The owner in his letter even states that the store had no policy about customers not wearing masks. So it was definitely an anti semitic incident. But A Yid doesn’t have to be belligerent. A Yid doesn’t always have to fight back. Having her fired feels good now, but it doesn’t help in the long run.

  3. Its a small victory for the solitary Mr maskless. But this cashier will now take her antipathy and hatred somewhere else and I’m afraid it has only grown. Honestly, is a cashier job in a convenience store such a plum job? She will have a new job tomorrow in a Walmart or similar. As Jews in golus, even in the US, we can’t always pull up the anti Semitism card.

  4. it gives me no joy that this woman lost her job. but some action was necessary and i am not going to double-guess store management. A.S. is a social that must be treated at the earliest of stages before it becomes a cancer that threatens the whole world. these words sound dramatic but was experienced in our own lifetime.

  5. He’s at fault also. Everyone knows by now to wear masks inside stores. He should have had it on him or gone to get it without making a fuss.

  6. not sure I am happy to read this, she will now be a goyota who just didnt like Jews to one who HATES Jews, with some sechel this whole situation couldve been avoided. Again she is a working class person.

  7. She needed to be fired. While antisemitic attitudes are not in our control to change and will always exist, we should not accept antisemitic behavior from anyone. These things always start off small, and if not challenged will snowball into worse behavior. Antisemites need to know that there are consequences for their actions. That it was keeps them in check.

  8. lakewoodbubby, with all due respect that is the wrong approach. every Jew has the right to stand up to antisemitism. the halacha of עשו שונא ליעקב does not mean to sit back and take it.
    ralphz – if you think this is going to give the goyim something else to hate us for i got a bridge in brooklyn to sell you

  9. First off, yes, we should always seek to TRY and make a Kiddush Hashem not otherwise and yes, since we’re already “loved” as it is, we need to take extra precautions. When there’s a sign on a store requiring a mask don’t be an Oiber Chuchem, just comply.
    Secondly, true, when called out on it, it may sometimes be smarter to take the ‘high road’ and not be confrontational.
    However, as n this case, when there’s blatant unfairness, anti-semitism, it is wiser to call attention to it and hold them to it in order to (try) to prevent such action in the future, whether from this subject at this venue or someone else somewhere else. I would imagine the local media reported on this episode resulting in a job loss.
    All you (usual) Anti Chareidy, Anti-Torah self haters owe this guy a debt of gratitude. He might have just saved YOU from a truly unjust situation due to ant-semitism through his actions.

  10. @anonymous12: Had the people in pre-war Europe fought Antisemitism like some want to do it today, would they’ve been spared from the Holocaust?

  11. @anonymous12, Do you really think that if people had fought against anti semitism before and during the war, the anti semitisim would have stopped? Do you really think the kedoshim would not have been killed?!?!

  12. Listen I’m not commenting on the behaviour of the maskless guy that’s a conversation for another time. (Personally I agree with him but whatever) however when we see people who are bad to the Jews get their due ie caumo it’s kavod shamayim. So when this woman gets fired literally the next day it’s cause for celebration. Not that we care about her or what she said but kavod shamayim. So raise a glass lechaim!!🍸

  13. YWN is celebrating ‘Cancel Culture’ until they ask Yidden to comply with LGBTQ… or other woke stuff or else losing a job or other consequences, what then??

    Zionists also thaught that by fighting they will succeed and they’re still fighting, forever, and is causing muslims to attack us all over the world. Nowadays the American and Israeli Jew like to think that we are strong and should punish them – no we shouldn’t. As I understand, that is not the approach G-d wants us to take.

  14. DavidKanoi, LakwdBubby. We all believe that whatever happens is Ratzon Hashem. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our brains towards Hishtadlus.
    OBVIOUSLY, whether we would’ve been more vigilant or not regarding anti-semitism at the time of the holocaust the results would’ve been the same.
    It doesn’t mean that at the time, looking back, the hishtadlus shouldn’t have been more aggressive.
    Why not go and tell R’ Shloma Bobover that he should not have gone through all the efforts which he did to save his family. Why not go and tell R’ Michael Ber Weissmandel that he shouldn’t have jumped from the train to save himself or that he shouldn’t have raised thousands of Yiddish gelt to try and bribe Nazi leaders. After all, you can’t change anti-semitism.
    I know you might differentiate between taking efforts to save oneself and eradicating Anti-semitism. But bottom line…

  15. I think 50% of anti-Semitism comes from Jews denigrating other Jews. The comments here are disgusting. I for one am very happy that this evil employee was terminated from her job. If this happened to a black person instead of a Jew I’d also be happy she was kicked out of her job. Kol shekein my Jewish brother who was discriminated against, I’m very satisfied that that machsheifa lost her job, irrelevant if she finds a new one or not.

    I thing I know is that there are Jewish haters who rival non- Jewish haters

  16. 1. That Yid was a mechuzaf Baal Gavaa. He should of not argued, put on his mask as an exemplary figure. Two wrongs don’t make a right! We are in Galus. He should have humility not chutzpah in Galus. He’s a Busha the way he acted.

    2. Firing the lady and taking her Parnassa was very harsh and we should not celebrate it. That’s not Darchei Torah. Perhaps she has sick kids to take care of. Yes, she was wrong not to take his order. I do not think she is antisemitic. And yes she probably got tired of people not wearing masks. It could have been handled in a more elegant way. When we don’t have compasssion on others here on Earth, Shamayim may not have compassion on us.

  17. Chaylev Halyah:

    We don’t necessarily support secular Zionism but some of us had parents Holocaust survivor parents who had no where to go and didn’t have a seat or the money to take the Kastner train.

  18. davidthekanoi: do you pull down your pants before you sit on the toilet? of course, hashem controls everything and anything but we also know that our actions (or inactions) have consequences. Only the simplest of minds cannot entertain both of these truths at the same time.

  19. This was a massive Chillul Hashem by the idiot Yid. He caused a mild antisemite to turn into a rabid Jew-hater who can cause far more damage to us in the future than simply denying one of us the ability to shop in a random grocery store.

  20. anonymous12: The Jews in Germany thought they were equals to the Germans with full rights in Germany as any German. Those Jews proudly wore their German war medals.

    That thinking they were equals is that angered the Nazis into doing what they did.

  21. This Yid is gross. Who goes shopping and turns on their [ossur] smartphone to video how you can be a hero causing a working woman to lose her job because you are so gross. She was pushed to the wall by our hero. She reacted. Listen to the Yiddish and see how belligerent he is. Publish his name so people can know who not to be meshadech with. If he treats a shop assistant like this just imagine how he treats his wife and in-law children or will do unless he is reigned in. People who are so objectionable display that trait with everyone. This had nothing to do with antisemitism, it had everything to do with a disgusting individual who wears his arrogance on his lapel, and big time.

  22. I applaud the store owner for firing her & I hope her picture goes viral so she can’t find another job. If that’s too extreme for some of you apologists- too bad.

  23. I don’t see how this is a kiddush Hashem in any way.
    Be a light upon the nations.
    Not a fool amongst the nations.
    Put on your mask for the one reason of making a kiddush Hashem.

  24. Jews have gone from having rachmunis on each other to having rachmunis on anti-Semite and God deniers and haters. Obviously liberalism has rubbed off on them even though they may deny it

  25. This is on us. A Jew behaving badly and making some simple lady suffer, whatever she is thinking about.
    The store owner is probably afraid of publicity and will fire anyone to show that he is a “good guy”. Same happens every time when someone complains about policemen discriminating against criminals/doing random checks on the road, etc. I don’t think anyone here wants to be part of this problem.

    I think we should start a collection both for the lady who lost a job, and for the storeowner who might be losing business. And maybe for the Yid to buy him a mask, a sefer of mussar, an English primer, and a kosher phone.

  26. I meant to write that a segment of Jews have gone from having rachmunis on each other to having rachmunis on anti-Semites and God deniers and haters. Obviously liberalism has rubbed off on them even though they may deny it. Thankfully not all Jews are like that.