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MAILBAG: Baruch Hashem for Biden!

As Vladimir Putin straight-up steals land from Ukraine and threatens to completely overtake the country and become a neighboring nuclear threat to other U.S. allies in Europe, all I can think of is: baruch hashem for Biden!

Only a sane, strong, no-nonsense force of power like Grandpa Joe could keep Putin from invading all of Europe, and only Biden would release such strong statements in support of Ukraine.

The proof is out there for all to see. As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden tweeted exactly two years ago from Monday, “Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why – it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.”

How profound, how true.

Imagine if Donald Trump were president. He’d be like ‘oh well, whatever.’ Not Biden! He condemned the Russians – in the strongest possible terms!

Now, you might point out that Putin didn’t dare to invade Ukraine and threaten Europe in its entirety when Trump was president, but please, that’s a side point and everyone knows it. The facts of the matter are, clearly, that if Trump was president now, the whole world would be on fire. Does anyone doubt that?

This concept, this fundamental truth that Biden is the best thing ever extends well beyond the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Think about inflation, or the Afghanistan withdrawal, or the crisis at the southern border, or any of the myriad other massive issues that have all coincidentally become of major concern only after Biden assumed the presidency. Imagine how much worse all of that would have been if Trump were president.

Biden is the best thing since sliced bread. I know it’s true, because Trump is bad.

Yosef Ziskind – New York

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56 Responses

  1. I cant believe that YWN went ahead and posted this dribble. This article is so factually wrong that its not even worth the time to try responding to it.

  2. Theres a point that Biden is good for Jews cuz hes a low key peaceful person, and Trumps rhetoric was dangerous but Putin wldnt dare invading with Trump at the helm. He’s taking great advantage of it . He knows the Republicans are back soon and its his time now.
    To say that w Trump the world wld be on fire is false as he brought back our troops from many places. Hes not a war monger. He was a fighter and again, dangerous for Jews as we were sought out due to his rhetoric but the world would be on fire IN the US not abroad which is bad too.
    Why DeSantis wasn’t publicly rebuked by a single Republican after the Heil Hitler march uis still very bothersome and strange to put it mildly. Mot even a Yid like Ben Shchapiro residing in Fl gave a peep. This behavior went down fine with Trump and nobody called these Nazis to action. With Biden, they have no platform.
    May G d protect His Jews and may there be peace.


    Ever wondered why the last this conflict came up was in 2014, under Obama, the same one who made The Iran deal??
    Now Iran and Russia are starting up again, BECAUSE OF BIDEN, YOU **********!
    How does YWN allow such STUPIDTY? You sound dumber than a missionary!
    During Trump, NOTHING HAPPENED; the market was at RECORD-HIGH!
    Now, under Biden, like Obama, Russian conflict all over again – stocks heavily down for first time since Obama!!

    Ever thought about how peaceful and prosperous the Trump era was, compared to the Obama and Biden eras? Literally from one end of the spectrum to the next. Trump; EVERYTHING AMAZING!, Obama-Biden; EVERYTHING CRASHING DOWN!



  4. “Think about inflation, or the Afghanistan withdrawal, or the crisis at the southern border, or any of the myriad other massive issues that have all coincidentally become of major concern only after Biden assumed the presidency. Imagine how much worse all of that would have been if Trump were president.

    ??????????????????????????????????? “coincidentally”????????????????????????????????????????

    Biden CAUSED ALL THOSE PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have a feeling that YWN does this on PURPOSE in order to drive us commentators crazy ad comment more and more, in order to get more attention = $$

  6. Yosef,

    You’re right, we are truly blessed to have this witless, drooling dolt napping in the Oval Office! Since they wheeled him in over a year ago, we haven been fortunate to experience the benefits of resurgent COVID, Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban, Ukraine under imminent invasion threat, rampant violent crime, invading illegal immigrants, spiraling inflation, skyrocketing energy prices, supply chain mayhem…

    The list of accomplishments wrought by this diaper-clad, ventriloquist-dummy-in-chief is truly astounding and every day only brings more pleasant surprises. It’s so special that YWN has great talmidei chachamim like Dorah and Charlie to constantly reeducate us on how all the anarchy, mayhem, crime, inflation and impending war wrought by brainless Brandon is in perfect alignment with Torah outlook.

    Our future has never looked brighter!

  7. Ziskind – Purim is Adar Sheini, not Adar Alef. Stop drinking! This crisis, along with all the other instabilities around the world is due to Biden’s weakness.
    Chazal state that in the end of days there will be no grey areas. Everybody will either be on the side of Good or the side of Evil. If you think that the WOKE are the side of Good, you are nuts!

    Sorry to state, but I don’t believe with your outlook that you will be zoche to greet Moshiach.

  8. Is this letter a joke?
    It’s all because Biden is in office that we have all this going on.
    Get your facts straight before writing such a letter

  9. I can’t believe that you all didn’t realize that this is complete satire!!!
    “The list of accomplishments wrought by this diaper-clad, ventriloquist-dummy-in-chief is truly astounding and every day only brings more pleasant surprises.” – Priceless commentary!!

  10. What’s even funnier than the article is all the comments stating the opposite is true.
    It’s a satire article. Chill.
    It’s a joke…..

  11. Everyone needs to calm down.. read it again with a calm mind and you’ll see that the entire letter is dripping with sarcasm..

    Thanks for the laughs

  12. If Yosef Zirkind truly believes the stupidity he made all of us waste our time reading then I wish him a Refuah Shlema. He needs mental help and quick. Biden is the biggest idiot our great country has ever produced and he stole the election. Putin would have never even thought of invading Ukraine if Trump was still in office. If this was a joke article then YWN should have a follow up article saying so. If it was not a joke and this is the stupidity they are allowing to be put on their website then YWN should be boycotted immediately. Next thing maybe they’ll have an article about the pros of kicking the Jews out of Palestine…stupidity is a slippery slope.

  13. I am not supporting Russian occupation, but the same European voices that are against Russian also are not happy with Israel “Occupying’s” the Jewish land, so be careful who you support.

    Besides that fact that 8 years ago the previous government of Ukraine by force and by democracy got rid of the President and almost lynched him before he fled to Russia.
    You may disagree if his election was legit and democratic, but angry armed mob (media calls it ordinary people), many of who were pro-Nationalistic anti-Semitic groups & militias, took the streets and got rid if that government. And USA & Europe supported them. But when similar events happened on Washington on Jan 6 everyone calls the ordinary people “terrorists” and danger for democracy.
    As usual double standards.

  14. Well written, but apparently you need to tag it with a /s, as it seems the commenters here have never heard of a thing called sarcasm.

  15. Why dont u ALL (not just some) realise this was a joke. The OP nade it clear for those still confused by ending it with “Trump is just…bad”

  16. The truth is Trump could not care less what happens to Ukraine. After all, Zelensky refused to investigate Hunter Biden and now he is getting everything he deserves from Trump’s friend, Putin.

  17. Love this! Now we can really see everyone’s personality and IQ! Way to go yosef!! I had a really good laugh. Truthfuly it may not be anyone’s fault that they believe this letter at face value because that’s how the mainstream media has been reporting! People have been brainwashed. No one knows how to think.

  18. Very well put. America needs what Trump has, a backbone. To all that have said bad things about Trump this is your answer. Putin laughs at these ‘ sanctions ‘ we’re threatening him .

  19. Wow!
    I can’t belive that there are sooo many people out there without an ounce of humor.
    Hello – it’s humor. (Laugh now).

  20. For a second I thought you were serious. Then the laughing gas from my dentist wore off. Biden has kept true to his reputation of “Getting every foreign policy wrong” He isnt from Deleware . More like Chelm ( Sorry Chelmers). What is scary is that we stall have close to 3 more years of this IDIOT. Hashem Yirachem.

  21. Hey guys!
    I’m sorry, you are correct. After reviewing the article again, i realized this was truly sarcastic. You could tell from beginning to end – it’s a joke.

    i’m embaressed – i fell for the purim trap………

  22. Wow, so funny !!!! You are not ashamed??

    Making jokes about a conflict where 200000 to 600000!!! Jews could suffer. This are my brothers and sisters ? This is so paining………. This is not a joke.

    Keep your strange fight of who wins which votes away….. there is other, bigger problems out there….

    Your best buddy of your last president is a complete crazy, fanatic, stick individual who have a mindset of Stalin or Hitler. Have you seen his speech last night? And this in 2022….

    Don’t forget your wealth depends a lot on peace in Europe. And if this monster continue there wont be any more peace…. just image Russia conquer Poland or Germany…. The US needs Europe as much as Europe needs the US!!

    In Europe they say now: In the last 100 years there were three people destroyed the peace in Europe: Yosef Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin.
    Greeting from Kyiv


  23. It ain’t humor. It’s the truth. Putin and the NorthKorean dictator were all close buddies of Trump. Trump loved demagogues like himself. He even said that he literally was in love with Kim (or whatever his name)
    Under him, the world would be aflame now.
    So all you frumies who love Trump and think he is the Messiah himself, you are committing the worst sin of all:
    Avodei Zoroh.
    Laugh if you want. Under Biden you can have a good time. Under Trump, G-d only knows what your mood would have been.

  24. Why YWN would post this is beyond comprehension. Such a loss of credibility by YWN.

    Either this is purim shtik or this kid who wrote is obviously sick.

  25. Thank you Yosef Ziskind for this beautiful article. Its beauty is much more than the obvious satire. The fact that 75% of YWN readers/commenters do not recognize the obvious satire is so much more beautiful! It is also very informative, and it dispels any grudging respect I may ever have for the typical YWN readership, since the marbles in the attic appear loose… lol

  26. If anyone was wondering if there is a pandemic of stupidity and idiocy in the world, and no cure for it, read the comments to this funny satirical article. And the bad news is that not only there is no cure for it, but people are getting stupider by the second.

  27. I never laughed so hard reading comments!!!!!
    This was AWESOME!!
    This is how misunderstandings happen- people are so passionate and riled up that they jump at what they think they hear and they don’t realize that what’s actually being said is the opposite of what they think!

  28. I can understand this is a joke. I am worried about what Putin can G-D Forbid do to the Jews in Ukraine. That’s true and terrifiying.

  29. Hello, it’s dripping with sarcasm, anyone who can’t figure that out should join Joe in my super duper glatt Kosher run state of the art nursing facility!

  30. My first thought at reading this article was…. I gotta write and refute the writer…. he’s as senile as then he’s praising… But then I realized… we’re in Chodesh Adar, a mere few weeks before Purim… obviously Yosef Ziskind drank.a little too much today… or he’s just good at writing serious sarcasm…. Yosef definitely did not mean in his heart what he wrote… but the responses are just… WOW!!!
    Sara S. Says it as it is! Biden is the ventriloquist of pelosi and her damn ilk….
    Let’s hope whatever happens will not shed jewish or innocent blood.

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