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HATE IN FLATBUSH: Yeshiva Bochur Assaulted by Pro-Palestinian Mob [VIDEOS OF ASSAULT]

A yeshiva bochur walking in the vicinity of Avenue M and East 18th Street in Flatbush was accosted and assaulted by a group of five males moments ago.

The bochur was punched in the face by the group and required Hatzolah’s services for his injuries.

At least one of the suspects yelled “Free Palestine!” at the bochur during the assault.

The NYPD is at the scene of the assault and Flatbush Shomrim is currently canvassing the area in search of the suspects.

Councilman Kalman Yeger was at the scene, where he said: “When we hear about these violent antisemitic attacks that are happening nearly daily in New York City, we know the reason they’re happening is because people think they can get away with it. And as long as that continues to be the case, it’s not going to end.”

“We know the cops will do their job; they will find the perpetrators. But what happens after that? If they’re going to be released and be allowed to do this over and over and over again, it’s never going to stop. This has to end,” he added.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I know that no one will be excited to hear this advice, but I am sorry, I feel that this is a true and safe advice.
    In New York ( 1 big fat jungle) from now on, maybe when you go out, maybe go with a partner, friend or Chavrusa. If you are going out with your spouse, keep both of your phones in your hands, this way you can call the Police right away.
    When Mashiach will finally come, then we can sit down and take a deep breath and of course we will finally be able to go outside alone.

  2. Completely inappropriate headline. Am I wrong to expect a higher quality of journalistic integrity from this outfit?

  3. all these chayous get is a slap on the hand and told not to do it again…and then they are free back on the street.
    So much for our justice system…

  4. Affermative action pick, Mayor Eric Adams, will give us a little speech about how this won’t be tolerated and then head off to another super spreader party. Yawn. Affermative action Letitia James is keeping us all safe by pursuing former President Trump’s PERSONAL tax returns, even though Alvin Bragg threw in the towel.

  5. obviously they came from that park where drugs is done in the open and the 70 as usual DOES NOTHING, but sure lets put out statements and say hate doesnt represent us.

  6. That was not a mob. A gang or a group of thugs is are more appropriate description of the perps.
    As despicable as the actions of the one guy who threw the punch, unless it’s charged as a hate crime there will be little or no punishment. Have the cameras at Murrow HS around the corner been reviewed as the perps may be students of the school?

  7. covertcorgi what is inappropriate about this headline? it seems there was 5 people coming by and the yeshiva bochur got punched in the face while they screamed free Palestine. I’m confused what is inappropriate about the headline was he not attacked by multiple people screaming hate speech? unless a punch in the face is not considered an assault? according to this article a punch in the face with minor injuries is called assault in the 3rd degree in NY state.,is%201%20year%20in%20jail.

    and i think 5 people constitutes a mob and free palestine usually is an indication of hate i mean they know some 16 year old bochur has no say in Israeli politics so they really are only doing it because he is Jewish. i find this headline truthful and appropriate sometimes yeshiva world does make sensationalist headlines this isn’t one of those times

  8. Kalman you are 100% right as usual, please leave the Anarchy party and join Inna Vernikov as a member of city council as a REPUBLICAN, all these laws of letting lose criminals is done by Democrats.

  9. Very bad camera resolution for 2022, I’ll be surprised if they catch those thugs based off those cameras.

  10. Hochul is too busy murdering innocent babies including charging our tax money to pay bus fares for women from other states who wish to murder their babies, hence there is no money left in the NYS kittie to pay for the prisons for these wicked criminals.
    Of-course latitia james who also is a baby murderer hopes to offset this deficit by fining {meaning STEALING from} innocent President Donald Trump $10,000 every day

  11. Little Palestine (Brooklyn branch) Strikes Again

    Correction: anti-Israel-Arab-radical-racists linked to those (grandchildren of Arab immigrants) who call themselves since the 1960s as “palestinians”

    No such thing as “pro-Palestinian.” There is either anti Israelis, pro Israelis or others. As no one is FOR the them.

  12. I grew up around corner. Wow. Times have changed. Nyc has gone down hill. I moved out few years ago and thankfully VERY happy.

    Idk why people still live in this dumpster. It’s dirty, violent, ur a 2nd class citizen if you work and/or drive, and its a sick waste of money for homes. My parents still live and every time I visit I’m just mamesh suffering.

  13. Dirty Pakistanis 🤮 getting touched by them is worse than the punch itself. They’re scrawny and powerless, why is everyone just standing there?

  14. Hey commenters, fight your fight but stay right.
    Dont call out nations or ethnicities because then you have no moral high ground to stand on.
    Its just not right.

    Also, YWN, maybe hate speech should be barred from your comments?
    Its only the correct thing to do.
    I have no problem with hating haters, but to call out “Pakistanis” for example is completely abhorrent.

  15. This may be gang related, as induction into a gang requires an attack against a Jew. The Intelligence Community has the data on the gang requirements. So do school officials at Murrow. The public needs to know and be vigilant.והמבין יבין

  16. Ezra101, I don’t condone the action, I am condemning the headline. It is a politicized attempt to rile people up and this comment section is proof. This was not a pogrom but an antisemitic attack by one of the five people involved. Let’s treat it as such. We only serve to delegitimize our own cause by reporting on it this way.

    To the people making openly racist comments, take a good hard look at yourselves.

  17. @Cash

    “Fight your fight while staying right” you seem to be more troubled by the fact that they were referred to as “packistanis” yet failed to comment on the assault. Says a lot about you. Also, calling out an ethnicity that is antisemitic, that doesn’t recognize Israel is perfectly justified. They’re dirty, inside out.

  18. yo chash 1st amendment includes hate speech
    you talk i talk
    maybe what your saying is hate speech?
    who is detached enough to decide it?

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