WATCH THIS: 80-Year-Old Store Owner Blasts Armed Robber With Shotgun


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An 80-year-old liquor store owner was having none of it when a would-be robber carrying a rifle entered the store. The elderly man opened fire, prompting the suspect to run out screaming, “he shot my arm off!”

The incident occurred on Sunday at Norco Market & Liquor in Norco, which lies just east of Los Angeles. Surveillance footage shows the masked suspect pointing a rifle at the storeowner before the victim reaches behind the counter, grabs a shotgun, and goes all Wild West on the robber.

The 23-year-old suspect was later tracked down at a hospital “suffering from a gunshot wound consistent with a shotgun blast,” the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said. He is in critical but stable condition and will be booked into jail upon his release.

Meanwhile, the store owner is also at the hospital – he suffered a heart attack shortly after the attempted robbery.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I hope the store owner has a speedy recovery.
    Again we have another out of control WHITE supremacist thug brandishing an illegal rifle. When will Chris Wray and Merrick Garland finally get serious about these WHITES???!!!

  2. I’m not sure I’m allowed to watch this during the 9 days as I’m enjoying it soooo much!! Nevertheless I’m giving myself a heter because I live in Baltimore city and I need the chizuk 🤣🤣. Wishing the fantastic store owner a refuah shelaimah and here’s hoping that he actually did shoot that piece of garbage’s arm off. If the store owner dies, c”v, do you think the one armed piece of dreck will get charged with murder?? Doubt if he’ll get charged with anything in this upside down Sodom world.

  3. he suffered a heart attack shortly after the attempted robbery. Needless to say this savage perp must now be charged with attempted murder because of this heart attack, and if Heaven Forbid this heart attack proves fatal, then needless to say, this savage perp must be charged with 1st degree murder and be imprisoned without possibility of parole.
    Of-course hopefully his arm was shot off, so that no-one else ever suffers a burglary by this savage perp. Too bad this savage perp wasn’t run over when entering his escape car.

  4. AWESOME!!!!!
    yes I know I was using all caps, cause I was screaming it out 🙂
    May the store owner have a refuah shlaima b’korov!