MYSTERY: Did Trump Give Away Top-Secret Documents? Questions Grow Over Empty Folders

This image contained in a court filing by the Department of Justice on Aug. 30, 2022, and redacted by in part by the FBI, shows a photo of documents seized during the Aug. 8 search by the FBI of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. The Justice Department says it has uncovered efforts to obstruct its investigation into the discovery of classified records at former President Donald Trump's Florida estate. (Department of Justice via AP)

Questions are growing about the presence of multiple empty folders with classified markings taken by FBI agents during their August 8 search of his Mar-a-Lago estate. The folders had at one point held classified information or intelligence designated to be returned to the military, but by the time the FBI seized it from the former president, they were empty.

An inventory of items taken during their raid shows the FBI took 48 empty folders with classified banners and 42 empty folders labeled “return to staff secretary/military aide.” But where are the documents that were once inside?

“The ideal scenario that would describe this is that the empty folders are actually for the records that are somewhere else in the boxes – that someone just didn’t keep them in the folder in the way they were supposed to, so they’re not actually out there in the wild somewhere,” said Kel McClanahan of National Security Counselors, a nonprofit law firm specializing in national security law.

“The least optimistic scenario is that they are nowhere to be found because they are already with someone else.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why does YW publish such nonsense?
    Does anyone really believe and think that Trump would give away national secrets???
    Biden yes, Trump never!

    He was the most patriotic President since Regan.

    Please stop pushing and spreading the progressive lefts crazy ridiculous propaganda!!!

  2. Just remember, with Hillary the FBI said that “most probably” many of our enemies have seen the information on her server, but yet there was no “damage assessment” ordered by the CIA…

  3. He cannot be that stupid or could he???
    From his own family and staff, his ego was in need of constant feeding and stroking and one of his self-validation mechanisms was his proclivity to pull out classified docs and letters from foreign leaders to impress his guests with his self-importance. More likely lying around the Mar a Lago Motel somewhere with the fake Time Magazine covers he had made of himself

  4. Ok the bottom line is- this is all so stupid already, it is clear as day that the witch hunt & hoax against this wonderful president won’t ever stop as long as he lives. He can be 112 and in a nursing home & just laying in bed relaxing drinking his tea, too old to know what day of the week it is and the Dems will still be blaming him for anything that happens in the world. It’s the sad reality.

  5. We cannot assume anything, especially innocent until actually proven guilty. One thing is a fact. This comes at a time before the midterm elections. It makes one think this is most likely a political act.

  6. The FBI probably emptied the folders and started this rumor. We as Jews will support Trump when he runs again. 95 percent of practicing Jews voted for him. It was only the assimilated reform atheistic Jews who opposed him. Trump we love you. You are our hero.

  7. To Gadolha: He cannot be that stupid, as he is stupider.

    To Rats Rats: Most Jews will not vote for Trump if he runs again, but, of course, in your eyes, we are not really Jews, you arrogant creep. Hashem’s eyes are what matters.

  8. Does anyone have any idea of what happened to the documents missing from the folders? Did staff or guests at Mar a Lago take them? Why was he so careless with documents?

  9. My guess, without any evidence , is that Trump took souvenirs. Spies, if any, would photograph the docs they want. Let me be clear: this mere speculation. A lotta you clowns think your speculations are facts.

  10. @huju,
    Most liberal REFORM Jews won’t, but most true ORTHODOX will!
    Only Burnie Sanders and Chuck Schumer types, like yourself will vote for Dems. All those who care about values, laws, and Israel will vote Republican!

  11. What nonsense. If the folders were empty then how does the FBI know there was ever anything in them? How could they possibly know the folders weren’t empty when they were packed into a box in mid-January 2020?

    And what exactly is the purpose of the carefully staged photo of documents on the floor? Why did the FBI take and then publish this photo, if not to mislead gullible and stupid people into thinking that’s how they found the documents, strewn all over the floor? Publishing the photo is proof of the FBI’s deep dishonesty, if any more proof were needed.