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WATCH: Trump Decries “Two-Tiered” Justice System That’s Giving Biden “White Glove Treatment”

Former President Donald Trump released a video on Thursday calling out the Justice Department for treating Joe Biden’s classified document scandal differently than how it handles his own classified document scandal.

“We have two standards of justice in this country: one for people like you and me and one for the corrupt political class,” Trump starts the video. “While I’m being persecuted by Trump-hating special counsel…Joe Biden in the meantime is given white-glove treatment.”

“Biden lied to the American people and weaponized the Justice Department or as I call it the ‘injustice department.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. USA President Barak Hussein Obama transformed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) into a political weapon, by using it to attack pro-Israel organizations with audits.

    USA President Joe Biden transformed the FBI into a political weapon, by using it to attack parents who complain when schools teach their children to be pro-gay, pro-Lesbian, and pro-transgender.

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