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HORRIFIC TRAGEDY: Two Frum Men From Cleveland R”L Killed In Plane Crash In Westchester NY

The Jewish community in Cleveland was plunged into mourning Thursday night as word spread of a horrific tragedy which took the lives of two of its well-known Baalei Chesed.

Boruch Taub Z”L and Binyamin Chafetz Z”L, both residents of Cleveland, were tragically killed in a plane crash near the Westchester County Airport

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a Beechcraft A36 being piloted by Boruch Taub Z”L reported engine troubles at about 5:25pm local time when it was about one mile from the Westchester County Airport. A call was then made to report low oil pressure and an emergency was declared a few minutes later. A “MAYDAY” was heard over air traffic control minutes later, after which no contact was made with the aircraft.

The plane had departed from JFK Airport to Cuyahoga County Airport in Richmond Heights, Ohio and had diverted to Westchester County Airport to attempt an emergency landing, but sadly never made it there.

Search and rescue teams combed the area for hours, locating the wreckage just before 11:00pm. Sources tell YWN that the plane was found in the trees on a small island on a reservoir just near Westchester County Airport.

Misaskim and Rockland Chaveirim were on the scene around an hour after the incident, and are working closely with NTSB and other Federal, State and Local authorities to ensure proper Kavod Hames.

YWN will provide additional updates as they become available to us.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

Binyamin (Ben) Chafetz Z”L with Maran Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky ZT”L


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Such a sad story. bd”e.
    I hope we don’t hear any stupid comments like Shloimeb suggested by the toddler video don’t do what you can’t handle.

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