INFIGHTING GROWS: John Bolton Says Pompeo’s Call for Him to Be Jailed “Beyond Reckless” [VIDEO]

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Former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton fired back at former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s assertion that he should be jailed over his Trump tell-all book, calling the secretary of state’s comment “beyond reckless.”

In a new book Pompeo calls Bolton a “scumbag loser” over his book The Room Where It Happened, in which Bolton relays Trump’s private conversations and what Pompeo says were highly sensitive material.

Pompeo in the book compares Bolton to Edward Snowden, who leaked surveillance secrets to the media in 2013, except that Snowden “at least had the decency not to lie about his motive.”

Bolton, Pompeo writes, should “be in jail, for spilling classified information” and that he hopes to one day testify at Bolton’s trial.

Speaking on CNN, Bolton responded: “What he knows, in fact — or should know — is that my book went through a four-month-long pre-publication review process precisely to make sure there was no classified information in the book. It was arduous at times I can tell you. The National Security Council senior director responsible for that review cleared the book. And inside the White House, because Donald Trump didn’t want the book published before the election, he fired the senior director, a career employee of the National Archives, from her job and tried to get another review going.”

Bolton said that Pompeo “knows or should have known” that the book cleared the review process with the federal government to ensure that no classified or sensitive information was in it.

“If he didn’t know about it,” Bolton added, “it’s incompetence in writing the book for not checking out the facts before he put it down on paper. And if he did know about it, that’s malicious and well beyond reckless to say things like that.”

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  1. Its amazing that taxpayers are paying over $20 million/yr for security to protect both of these guys 24×7 from Iranian terrorists under a Fatwah issued after the Trump administration engineered the 2020 targeted killing of Qasem Soleimani. Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has promoted the killing of both Bolton and Pompeo and Biden has authorized round the clock protection. Both have multiple marked and unmarked vehicles around their homes and travel in armored Chevy Suburbans.
    I guess someone needs to tell the Secret Service and DOS Security that in addition to the Revolutionary Guard, they need to be protected from one another

  2. Both Pompeo and Bolton would make excellent presidents. It’s disappointing that Pompeo would descend to making such a cheap shot. But if I had to choose between the two at a primary, right now I think I’d still choose Pompeo.

  3. Gadol’s hatred of Republicans seems to make him siding with Iranian terrorist? I think lives saved by killing a talented terrorist organizer is worth the money spent on protecting these smart and bold people.

    As you see they are both capable of quarreling as children, but were able to focus and unite when dealing with the enemy. We should value that.

  4. AAQ: Seems like you had a bad day yesterday or your reading comprehension is a bit challenged?
    Nothing I said, even remotely, implied any sympathy for these terrorists. This “quarreling” as you call it and use of hyperbole such as advocating jailing people for “treason”, disclosure of “classified information’ etc. is consistent with the “lock her up” chants of the right- and left-wing crazies. In either case, while I’m not a big fan of Bolton, Pompeo obviously knows that Bolton’s book was reviewed for months by the DNI and cleared of any “classified information” but he chose to lie about it anyway.