EPIC VIDEO: Black Resident Demands $3 Million In Reparations At City Council Meeting “Put White people On Notice”


A Tampa, Florida, resident wants elected officials to forget about the “nonsense” of homelessness and violent crime, and to instead focus on what matters: giving $3 million in reparations to every black person.

“All this nonsense, homelessness, and all this other garbage y’all talk about, police violence, and all this stuff, don’t nobody care about that, though nobody real care about that – we care about our reparations, and we have to put white people on notice that we want our reparations,” Tony Daniel told the Tampa City Council.

“We want our reparations. $3 million per person. $3 million per person, right here in this city. That’s the only thing black people got to care about. All this other nonsense you’re talking about. We do not care about,” he continued.

Daniels has a long history of speaking up at Tampa Council meetings, including one instance in the 1990s when he chained himself to a seat during a meeting, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

He has also been arrested on multiple occasions for his behavior during Council meetings.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Over 700,000 white boys died in the Civil War to preserve the Union and free the slaves. That is more than adequate redress and reparation.

    This is America and it’s the twenty-first century. Every citizen of average intelligence has the freedom and capacity to study hard, graduate from high school, work their way through trade school or college, and embark on a career. It’s about choices.

    Live your best life, don’t pass your burdens onto others, and move on.

  2. He’s mostly right. Blacks in general don’t care at all about white-liberal issues put forth as black issues. All blacks want is free cash….

  3. If this will help heal the pain and trauma caused by the white supremacists that Joe Biden was sanctimoniously lecturing the graduates of Howard University about, then I’m all for it. If we make the middle class white taxpayers pay reparations to black folks, I believe white supremacy will end in this country.

  4. If only there were more articulate and scholarly advocates like this man there would be reparations tomorrow, what a great representative for his community!

  5. Amazing Chutzpah across the board, from loss of education to medical legal and teachers all downsized because of this culture….couldn’t cut it so you downsized learning…..when they can jump hoops and sing and make money on ways that are perfect and blended….it is America and worlds fault because they too are dumb downsized and not worthy of breath….good luck America ….Christianity at it worse and human behavior not even recognized, you couldn’t be good at what you do and who you are so how will you be a good citizen

  6. makes sense, at least he speaks the truth. he doesn’t care about all the things that normal people do, because, look at all the footage, most of them are black males- I suppose looking for reparations…..

  7. The US prison system has cost the country 100’s of billion of dollars & African Americans account for 34% of the prison population while only being 12% of the general population. That is where the reparation money went. This is besides for the huge cost to society the prison population caused in loss of life & resources before entering prison. The trillions in free housing, health insurance, schooling, foodstamps, should also be deducted from the bill. It came mainly from taxes paid by white Americans & the companies they built after slavery was long over. A large percentage of the White & black people emigrated after the civil war & have nothing to do with slavery that existed then in many parts of the world. What will the black people do after many spend the reparations money on the wrong things? Ask for more? Money doesn’t solve problems for people.

  8. Genius15
    You say
    Can we get reparations for all of the violence committed by Blacks?
    They will answer because we were forced into slavery by those whites Its the whites who caused the violence.
    Think a moment, crime is rampant in the black communities yet over and over they elect black liberals to represent them. Look at Chicago. When Dinkens was running against Guliani after the CH riots. I had a black workmate who kept insisting Dinkins did no wrong in CH. His line of reasoning was the guy who drove the car left the scene of the accident. All the other workers tried explaining that he was told to leave for his own safety. Nothing anyone told him could convince him. In his warped mind a black person must vote for another black person no matter how unqualified he is. They are their own worst enemy

  9. coffee,

    It’s clear from Sanhedrin 91a that our reparations weren’t even close to being paid by the relative trinkets we were given before leaving Egypt and later gleaned at Yam Suf.

  10. >> Gadolhadorah May 18, 2023 10:19 pm at 10:19 pm
    >> Why only $3 million, when Black residents in California are asking for $5 million??

    Obviously, the ones in FL are worth three-fifths those in CA.


  11. He appears to have some non African ancestry so therefore should only ask for a percentage of his requested $3 million in proportion to his African DNA.