CAN’T HIDE IT: Sen. Diane Feinstein’s Staff Desperately Try Concealing Her Frailty


A photographer working for the Los Angeles Times shared an incident where he encountered resistance while attempting to capture a photograph of Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat representing California. He mentioned being subjected to verbal shouting as Senator Feinstein’s staff attempted to conceal her wheelchair by positioning it behind a pillar.

“I photographed the senator as a staff member tried to hide her wheelchair behind a pillar at a low-profile exit last week. A Capitol Police officer shouted at me to move back — despite already being 30 feet away from the senator. Feinstein waved as she was escorted to a waiting vehicle,” photographer Kent Nishimura wrote in a Wednesday article.

“For two days in a row last week, the Senate sergeant-at-arms office has said her arrival at the Capitol ‘is closed press,’ shutting doors and using the Capitol police to chase journalists out of hallways and public spaces. This unprecedented act of restricting press freedom only raises more questions,” he said.

At 89 years old, Senator Dianne Feinstein holds the distinction of being the oldest serving senator, surpassing President Joe Biden, who holds the record for being the oldest president in history at 80 years old.

Recently, Senator Feinstein made national headlines when she experienced a bout of shingles, resulting in her absence from the Senate for a duration of three months. However, she returned to the Capitol on May 10th, though she appears not to remember being missing in the first place.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I suspect that she would resign in an instant if the Republicans would agree to allow her replacement or another Dem to take her seat on the Judiciary Committee (which is critical to the Dems ability to move judicial nominees to the Floor for a confirmation vote). Ordinarily, this would be a courtesy one part would offer to the other but that was before the currently toxic partisanship took hold. The Republicans have been unwilling to provide such a commitment so the Dems need to keep her physically present for votes.