Tens of Thousands Participate In Israel Day Parade In Manhattan [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


Tens of thousands marched on Fifth Avenue yesterday as they marked the 58th annual JCRC-NY Celebrate Israel Parade. For decades hundreds of thousands of Jews from across the world and their supporters have joined together to march in the JCRC-NY Celebrate Israel Parade, showing their support for Israel.

The parade this years had over 40,000 marchers, 100,000 spectators, and over 1000 first time marchers.

This year’s parade brought together elected officials from across the city and state, including Senate Majority Leader Schumer, Governor Hochul, Attorney General James, NYS Comptroller DiNapoli, Members of Congress, members of the New York State Legislature, Mayor Adams, NYC Council Speaker Adams and council members, Borough Presidents and District Attorneys, as well as elected officials New Jersey. For the first time ever, local teens were matched with elected officials to march alongside them and get a sense of political life.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. this parade was stupid, just as the parade last year was, and the year before that.

    all of you who support Israel so much, go move there and help make Israel a theocracy.

    it is idiotic and stupid to be waving the Israeli flag in front of all the goyim.

  2. We can sit Shiva for this how people think this is the kiddush hashem and it is just the disgrace and how they are taught that this stops anti semitism and it only makes it better to go a rock concert and dance then to say that this is Torah this is the Zionist that made the Holocaust and that will bring it this is nachas for Jewish girls to dance with ice cream in the street this is a purpose in life to show your fancy bathroom to who the goyim that we forgot what they are and do and how they see life with music ice cream this you call a good person and a outlook of life to show the goyim what we do in bed and then call themselves godly or are we going back to learn an old lesson

  3. I’m sorry, exactly where was the chillul Hashem? Was it when we had a rare moment of achdus when Jews of all types and levels of observance joined together in support of Israel? When our kids got a real sense of אחינו כל בית ישראל? When frum Jews went up to police officers, gave them water and thanked them?
    When people laughed, sang and danced with joy over the miracle that is the 75th anniversary of the founding of Israel?
    I truly don’t understand how anyone could fail to notice how beautiful it was. And yes, I’m frum.

  4. Nebach.
    My heart goes out to all my misguided bretheren who celebrate a traifa medina instead of HKB”H and his Torah. Compare this idiotic frivolous flag waving dog walking pritzus filled throng to the 25000+ at Wells Fargo Center who gathered for Hashems Torah.
    May they be zoche to see the light soon.

  5. I’m no Zionist and certainly was not at the parade but the obnoxiousness which the anti-Zionist uses to express themselves here makes clear that kovod shomyim is probably further from their minds than those who attended the parade.

    Rav Mendel Kaplan ztzl, a vehement anti Zionist himself and a close talmid of Rav Elconon Wasserman, who the anti Zionists love to claim as being from the sole Daas Torah on this issue once had to go to a pro Zionist event due to his job as a rebbe in Skokie. Someone asked for his opinion of it. He answered “look at klall yisroel, the zera avrohom and how they stand on line to buy Israel bonds and make such effort to support other yidden who asked them for help and support”

    That sentiment would also be true about most of those who attended the Israel day parade

  6. Can someone tell me whatever is the heter for YWN to put videos of girls and women dancing, besides for the most inappropriate pictures of women barely dressed… or undressed…..

  7. Major knucker, Yosef Mizrachi .. LOL
    I listen to him and then do the opposite!

    I am so pumped from the Torah event, but that does not make this event a chilul Hashem.
    I am anti Zionisim, whatever that means, but for crying out loud, this was no toeva march.
    Let the M.O’s do their thing. Plus seen a picture album with over 1,000 people putting on Tefilin with the several chabad stands throughout the parade.

  8. @shloimeboruch, I am not an Anti-Zionist.

    I am an ultra-zionist yiddish-speaking anti-chareidi ashkenazi misnaged who supports a Full Religious Theocracy in Eretz Yisroel.

    one in which we enforce Torah Morality & Tznius with the Sword, and immediately kick all the Christians out of the country…

  9. @Baby Squirrel,
    at least you finaly admitted it in full:
    1) ultra zionist (sic),
    2) yiddish speaking ANTI CHAREIDI (in short a yiddishist),
    3) ashkenazi misnaged (as if you have a clue what hisnagdus against chasidus is).
    P.S. you left out one thing, that your probaby from the prides as well, adding together that your zionist+anti charedidi…..

  10. @pure yiddishkeit,
    1) Zionism is from the Torah. One is מחויב to be a Zionist. I don’t know what book of Kefirah you have to follow in order to spin the existence of Israel as a calamity. So yes, I am a proud ultra-Zionist the same way I am a proud Yid who is shomer torah & mitzvos. The real question is why aren’t you a Zionist? How can you dare to deny any part of the torah and only keep what you like? Anti-zionist chareidim such as yourself should be expelled from Eretz Yisroel & refused entry until you do teshuva.
    2) I am not a secular yiddishist. I am pro the use of yiddish the same way most chasidim like satmar are in that the language is a vessel to teach and wonderfully transmit the torah of hashem to the future generations. All other aspired uses of the language are illegitimate. (Yiddish does need to exist because English or Spanish needs to continue existing, and we aren’t trying to preserve it because it’s cool, or because of heritage; only as an effective tool to transmit the Mesorah. This is why I dislike most yiddishists). And yes I am anti-chareidi because I disagree with chareidim on their whishy-washy stance on zionism, their inability to enforce proper tznius laws on the kehilla, that most of them don’t do kiruv, and that they stress only learning all day instead of working & learning in order to make parnosa which is the proper & established torah way to do things…among other examples…
    3) Yes I am vehemently anti-chassidish. being a “chosid” is stupid & unnecessary. many chasidim view their rebbes in an idolatrous fashion (like a cult), and they stress davening over studying Torah. You don’t even follow the original nusach tefillah and decided to make your own; and you mix too much kabbalah and superstitious thinking into everything you do which is wrong and a breach of the accepted standards and communal unity. before the baal shem tov there were no chasidim. at the times of Rashi, Rambam, & the Shulchan Aruch there were no chasidim. the sephardim never had a need for chasidishness to appear. greatness in Torah & keeping halacha must come through natural human efforts at Torah study without relying on any external “miracles” and “wonders”. We do not need chasidishness in order to be Jewish.

    p.s. I am not from the prides. I want them all hanged.

  11. @Baby squirrel,
    I have better things to do than to answer emotionally infatuated people who therefore can’t think straight,
    but due to the outright kefirah you state, i have to. let me make a few things clear:
    1) I am actually Sephardi,
    2) You have no clue what it means to be ashkenazi/litvish etc and you come to shtell on being chassidish. i wonder what you know already and what you claim to knowledge regarding them is…. or isn’t… (probably some diploma on “chasidism”-huh?).
    3) BTW, it is quite obvious that it is the same kefirah train/thread that ties together your zionist/yiddishist/anti-chareidi/anti-chasidish views together.
    4) If you are kofer in kabbalah than you are a koifer b’ikar as it is part of the holy Torah, and koifer b’miksas k’koifer b’kulo. Not everything that is above your IQ level, or beyond your mental scope/capabilities is called superstitious. go educate yourself before you speak.
    5) Actually, what chasidus brought to the world was basically a strengthening of the yesoidos in yidishkeit up until then, but after the generations went through extremely hard periods, came along the holy baal shem tov and built up again yidishkeit and pride in it. As a Sephardi, one thing is actually quite clear: the chassidim are much more similar to us than to ashkenazim etc, and therefore more similar to a stronger mesorah. the changes that chasidim made in nusach etc is not a simple topic, and if you are looking to bash than yes you have found an easy target and erxcuse. but let us not forget that you can do that with anyone ashkenazim/sefardim etc. (let us not forget that most maskilim were ashkenazim, barely any chasidim- does that pasul all ashkenazim??).
    i’d only leave off with one of two options, either you are a maskil and there is nothing to talk to you about as is evident in you admission that you are against chareidim r”l- it doesn’t matter why. disagreeing does not give way to right to debasing H’ loyal servants,
    you are nebach a misguided person, and as the holy Brisker Rav said, nebach a apikores is oich a apikoires (BTW he said that in regards to the amcha zionim who weren’t the rodfei ha daas that the leaders were).
    Obviously I hope the latter is true, in that case i pray for your teshuva shleimah together with all our brethren and moshiach will come speedily in our times, amen.